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2011 Top 10 IaaS Cloud Predictions For I&O Leaders – An Empowered Report

Empowered Users, HPC, And Business Intelligence Will Drive Adoption

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    IaaS is undoubtedly one of your top priorities, but will you craft a plan for success? Many enterprises are headed toward a number of cloud pitfalls, such as misunderstanding the makeup, benefits, true users, and economics of cloud computing. But those with the most cloud experience know best how to gain from it, know the value of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) inside and outside their walls, and can empower their companies with this knowledge. These users take the "ready, aim, fire" approach. Sadly, the majority of us in I&O will act without fully learning, which translates to "fire, aim, not ready." This report makes 10 predictions about IaaS that I&O professionals need to take into account to build a successful strategy. The bottom line? Focus on the type of private cloud to invest in, how efforts like BI will gain the most from IaaS, and how to turn cloud investments from a cost-saving exercise into a profit maker for your company.
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