Agile is a group of methodologies that share a number of common threads. They: 1) are empirical, tactical, and iterative; 2) work with existing tools; 3) are compatible with overall process improvement strategies like the Software Engineering Institute (SEI)'s Capability Maturity Model (CMM); 4) are focused on the coding process, and focus on code, not documentation; 5) fit with the product cycles of web applications; and 6) work with web-enabled tools.


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    Report: The Eight Tenets Of Faster Application Delivery

    Faster application delivery enables competitive differentiation. Applications have become the means by which organizations attract customers and deliver value; better applications, delivered fas...

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    Report: Developing Modern Applications With Agile Outsourcing: Part One

    Agile development (or simply "Agile") continues to see consistent, strong adoption. However, Forrester survey data shows that only a small percent of firms are outsourcing Agile application deve...

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    Report: Modern Application Delivery Drives Digital Business Success

    Application delivery in the modern age no longer plays a supporting role; it is center stage. Business success in the age of the customer means mastering modern application delivery. Speed in de...

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    Report: Align AD&D And Marketing Metrics For Delivery

    Marketers have access to a host of customer and business metrics to help them benchmark their success. But when it comes to measuring application development and delivery (AD&D) teams, they look...

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    Report: Become Agile To Improve Your Mobile Approach

    By now, most marketers have successfully launched a mobile website, and many have an app or two. Even if your mobile traffic is growing exponentially and you've had success with several mobile m...

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