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BT Changes IT's Operating Model – A Business Technology (BT) Report

CIOs And Business Execs Balance BT Leadership Along An Operating Model Continuum

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    The transition from IT to BT continues, evidenced by the absorption of traditional IT roles throughout the business organization and the increasing number of business executives who are taking ownership of technology decisions. Successful BT operating models exist along a continuum of leadership balance between the CIO and business executives. CIOs in pursuit of successful BT work to grow a partnership between themselves and business leadership by changing the way IT and the business connect around technology management and adopting tactics that help drive the change incrementally.
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    • Business Leaders Are Making Business Technology (BT) Their Own
    • CIOs Ensure BT Success Through New Forms Of IT-Business Connections
    • BT Success Comes Through Incremental Change

      CIOs: Making Business Effective In BT Becomes Your Primary Role

      Purpose And Expectation Will Trump Box Titles
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