Bill Doyle

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Bill serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. He specializes in the attitudes and behaviors of mass-affluent and affluent investors; online investing; brokerages, mutual funds, and insurers; financial advisors; financial firms' websites; and customer loyalty. He has helped brokerages, asset managers, and insurers design their websites and understand their market opportunities. His recent reports include "Segmenting Today's Investors."

During his 12 years at Forrester, Bill has led the company's coverage of the financial services industry. He has led research on other industries as well, including media and online advertising. Bill is the author of several Forrester Big Idea documents, including "Customer Advocacy: The Secret To Loyal Financial Services Customers."

Previous Work Experience

Before joining Forrester, Bill spent 14 years designing, building, and running online services for business and consumer users. As a producer-in-chief for the AT&T Business Network, Bill led the design and implementation of one of AT&T's first web-based products. He also led the development and launch of Ziff-Davis Interactive's services for Prodigy.

Before Ziff-Davis, Bill was a vice president and creative director of new product development at Citibank, where he led the development of the user interface and applications for the first full-screen consumer telephone. He also managed relationship marketing for Citibank's PC banking service. Prior to Citibank, Bill helped build and then run Huttonline, the first-ever online service from a full-service brokerage. He was also a researcher and writer at Newsweek.

Bill has been widely quoted in publications including BusinessWeek, The New York Times, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. He is a much sought-after speaker and moderator at conferences. As host of Forrester's Financial Services Forum for 10 years, Bill has conducted on-stage interviews with the chairmen and CEOs of dozens of major firms, including American Express, Bank of America, Capital One, Charles Schwab, Citi, Edward Jones, and Vanguard.


Bill is a graduate of Harvard University.

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    Mobile, Social, Video, Advice, And Usability Will Change Retail Investing

    Rocketing adoption — by financial advisors and agents as well as investors — is driving five digital trends that will change the wealth management industry. Smart eBusiness managers will...

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    Report:Investment Firms Can't Ignore Social Technologies

    No major US investment firm has used social technologies like discussion boards to build an open investor community. But social media adoption is galloping forward, especially among online traders...

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    Report:The Web Dominates US Auto Insurance Research

    How Auto Insurers Can Take Advantage Of Consumers' Online Research Habits

    In 2007, nearly 15 million Americans researched auto insurance on the Internet. These US online auto insurance researchers are an attractive group for insurers: They are relatively wealthy,...

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    Report:Which Media Sites Do Financial Consumers Visit?

    Our Data Reveals An Interest In News, Sports And Social Computing

    Reaching consumers means having a presence on the Web sites they visit. Where do banking and brokerage consumers spend their time online? Among media sites, the Weather Channel and local newspapers...

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    Report:How Clients Want To Interact With Financial Advisors

    Younger Consumers Prefer Online Chat, Websites, And Email

    Now more than ever, clients are using new channels to communicate with their financial advisors. Younger clients show a strong preference for communicating with advisors through digital channels like...

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    Report:Full-Service Wealth Management Firms Neglect The Net At Their Peril

    Affluent US investors are managing their money online — but usually not at their full-service firms' sites. Why? Every direct brokerage's Web site is stronger than every full-service firm's...

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    Report:Fidelity Becomes An Online Financial Content Publisher

    Personal Finance News And Commentary Dominate Redesigned Home Page

    Fidelity Investments is launching a new home page more akin to Yahoo! Finance or than to any other financial services firm's home page. will feature hundreds of news...

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    Report:How US Consumers Research And Buy Investment Products

    Purchasers Have Often Researched Through A Different Channel

    Over the past year, 7% of US online adults have purchased an investment product. While the online channel is the most popular channel for researching, the in-person channel is the most popular for...

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    Report:The Social Technographics® Of US Online Bankers

    As consumer adoption of social media rises and alters the relationship between companies and consumers, eBusiness professionals at banks must understand how their online customers use and interact...

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    Report:How US Consumers Research Retirement

    Many Sources Are Used, But Financial Advisors Are Considered Most Helpful

    Less than half of US online adults have done retirement research. Consumers who are worried about having enough money to retire are less likely to have done research; investors and older consumers...

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    Report:How US Online Investors Rate Their Firms On Retirement Planning

    Edward Jones, Independent Advisors, And Vanguard Rank Highest

    More than half of all US investors are worried that they won't have enough money to retire comfortably. When we ask clients to rate investment firms' ability to prepare them for retirement, Edward...

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    Report:ING Direct Infiltrates The Brokerage Market With ShareBuilder

    ING Direct brought disruptive innovation to banking — and succeeded wildly. With its acquisition of ShareBuilder at the end of last year, ING Direct added a complementary investment business to...

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    Report:Case Study: Ameriprise Uses LinkedIn To Help Consumers Find Advisors

    Social media will have an outsized impact on relationship-based businesses like investment firms, life insurers, and private banks. Some of these wealth management firms are piloting programs that...

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    Report:US Investors Adopt eStatements

    But A Majority Of Investors Still Receive Paper Statements

    The adoption of eStatements for financial products in the US continues to grow. More than half of US online consumers with a brokerage account receive an eStatement. But even among investors who have...

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    Report:Which Investors Are Likely To Adopt eDelivery?

    Potential Adopters Are Younger, Secure Online, And Open To Ads And Advice

    More and more US investors are opting to receive statements and other account communications online. But the numbers remain small: Just 22% of US investors have gone online-only for an investment...

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:How Canadians Rate Their Investment And Insurance Firms On Retirement Planning

    Top Firms Include Investors Group And RBC Wealth Management

    With nearly 5 million Canadians headed into retirement in the next 10 years — and younger Canadians beginning to plan for their own retirements — eBusiness and channel strategy...

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:US Investors Continue To Adopt eStatements

    Investor adoption of eStatements continues to inch forward. What's holding back wider adoption of eStatements? Most brokerage clients say that they need a paper statement for their records.

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Canadian Online Trading Forecast: 2007 To 2012

    By 2012, Forrester expects 1.54 million Canadian households to be buying and selling investments online — a 73% increase over today. What will drive adoption? Market performance will have the...

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    Report:Free Online Trade Offers Won't Grab Market Share

    But Wells Fargo's Offer, Like Bank Of America's, Will Change Investor Expectations

    A new offer of free online trades from Wells Fargo, like a recent offer from Bank of America, won't succeed in taking meaningful market share from any of the top direct brokerages because few of the...

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  • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

    Report:Free Online Trades Won't Trigger A Price War — Yet

    Bank of America Offer Won't Grab Market Share, But It Will Change Investor Expectations

    Offers of free online trades from Bank of America and upstarts haven't forced the top direct brokerages to lower their own commissions. It's no surprise: Few US households trade often enough to...

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