Bobby Cameron

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving CIOs

Bobby serves CIOs. He is a leading expert on best practices for IT, including: business technology (BT), the empowered BT archetype, transformation from IT to BT, BT demand management, driving business innovation, business alignment, the business value of IT, BT strategic planning, IT governance, IT structure, IT/BT maturity, the marketing of IT, architecture and technology strategy, application development, IT operations, and serving the business.

His specialty is transformative technology use that drives business success in the emerging world of business technology (BT), like IT value creation, technology-based business innovation, and digital business networks.

While Bobby focuses his research on delivering IT excellence on the road to BT, he continues his close work with members of The CIO Group in the Forrester Leadership Boards, which he conceived and piloted in 2002. In this role, he writes CIO-targeted research, answers individual members' business and technology inquiries, and facilitates CIO Group member exchange meetings where CIOs discuss member-selected topics.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to taking on this role, Bobby's research focused on technology leadership — the impact of technology and services on organizations, budgets, and roles. Bobby previously led Forrester's research on IT services and enterprisewide applications, such as ERP, supply chain, and customer management, that can make or break a company's business performance. Bobby has also directed Forrester's software strategies service. Bobby has led Forrester's research into the transformation of IT governance, measuring IT's success, eBusiness organizations, business growth through applications, harnessing computing chaos, and distributed information infrastructures. He is also a recognized expert in many Internet/intranet technologies and client/server software issues, including packaged applications, databases, middleware, application design, decision support, software development, and security.

Before joining Forrester, Bobby spent five years as director of product management at Dun and Bradstreet Software (DBS), with responsibility for that company's client/server directions, decision support products, and tools and technologies. Bobby came to DBS from Dataquest, the San Jose, Calif.-based market research firm, where he spent two years as associate director for Northeast Research, focusing on business applications and systems. Prior to Dataquest, he spent nine years at Chase Manhattan's electronic banking business in Lexington, Mass., connecting 8,000 treasurers with 100 bank back offices worldwide. While at Chase, Bobby was MIS director and director of product management.


Bobby holds a B.A. in economics from Harvard University and an M.S. in economics from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

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  • Bobby Cameron
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    Enterprise Leadership Drives CIOs To Perform As An Empowered BT Or An Aligned IT Archetype

    The empowered era has transformed the role of IT within the enterprise. Five years ago, we identified three archetypes for the IT organization: Solid Utility, Trusted Supplier, and Partner Player....

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    A Self-Assessment Framework To Focus And Accelerate Your Transformation

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    New Business Realities Favor Flexibility And Business Value Over Efficiencies

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    A Road Map For CIOs To Succeed In An Empowered World

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    Competitive Strategy In The Age Of The Customer

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    Globalization, BT Sourcing Strategies, And Digital Business Networks Define The Strategy

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    Report:Forrester's BT Demand Management Leadership Maturity Self-Assessment

    This self-assessment workbook will help IT leaders assess the current state of their BT demand management leadership maturity and will serve as a tool to guide the organization's development toward ...

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    Best Practices In Software Innovation

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    Report:The CIO's Enterprise Versus Local Balancing Act

    CIOs Have To Balance Enterprisewide Synergies With Unique Local Needs

    CIOs are dealing with consolidation and centralization of IT services and processes as their companies respond to large customers, standardize to cut costs, and compete in value networks of firms....

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    Report:Making Innovation Work — Tips From CIOs, For CIOs

    Business innovation continues to take a central position in CIOs' planning. Defined broadly as any transformation of a process, offering, or business model that has business impact, Forrester has...

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    Report:Banking CIOs: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

    Hot Banking Tech Companies To Watch In 2010

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