Bryan Wang

VP & PA Country Manager - China serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

Bryan serves Infrastructure & Operations Professionals and leads a research team that helps Forrester's business technology clients in China as well as the telecom and networking sector for Asia Pacific region. Bryan offers strategic advice and guidance to clients in the areas of mega trends, overall IT spending patterns, cloud adoption, enterprise mobility solutions, data center transformation, and application adoption in Greater China region.  He also helps regional clients for their networking and enterprise communication services strategies in Asia Pacific.

Bryan is a highly sought-after contributor to the media's coverage of the tech industry and regularly speaks at industry events in China and Asia.

Previous Work Experience

Bryan came to Forrester through its acquisition of Springboard Research, where he has established its China operation. Before joining Springboard, Bryan was the regional managing director for In-Stat's operations in Asia, where he was responsible for all research and consulting business. Prior to In-Stat, Bryan was a program manager for Frost & Sullivan, focusing on networking and telecom services research for the Asia Pacific region.


Bryan graduated with a bachelor's degree in computing from the National University of Singapore.

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