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    Forrester's survey data shows that 50% of firms say investing in systems to improve engagement with customers and partners is a high or critical priority. And few areas of technology are as fundamental to customer interaction and the execution performance of the business as the devices and software in the hands of its employees. Yet instead of seeing workforce computing technology as a greenfield opportunity for competitive advantage, chances are your firm and your executive colleagues view it more as a cost and risk center. Changing this perception starts with describing precisely how your workforce computing investments and strategy are linked to the competitive strategy and goals of the business. This document will help you develop a workforce computing strategic plan by showing you what to include, how to put it together, and how to keep it relevant and alive.
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    • Why You Need A Workforce Computing Strategic Plan
    • Developing The Plan
    • Keeping The Plan Alive

      Demonstrate How The Strategic Plan Supports Business Goals
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