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Building Mobile Apps? Start With Web; Move To Hybrid – A Social Computing Report

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    In the past year, we've handled more than 200 client inquiries regarding what technology approach best suits mobile app development needs. The most common question we field is: "Should we go with a native application development approach or use HTML5?" But it isn't simply a question of either/or; there are four viable approaches to choose from: native, hybrid apps (native code with HTML and JavaScript), mobile middleware platforms, and a web approach (HTML5 and JavaScript). Which choice is most appropriate for you depends on your answers to key questions about the people you want to use your apps, the business objectives you seek to accomplish, and the strategies you plan to employ to achieve those objectives. Answering these questions and identifying what you can invest will help you select an approach that matches your requirements. This report, which is the strategic plan report of the mobile app development playbook for application development and delivery professionals, will help you choose the approach that best meets your needs based on each approach's strengths and weaknesses.
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    • What's The Best Technology To Build Mobile Apps? It Depends On You

      Start With A Web Approach; Move To A Hybrid Approach As Needed

      Expect More Hybrid And Web Apps As Mobile Platforms Proliferate
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