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Building Next-Generation Mobile Banking

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Even the best mobile strategy can be a victim of poor execution. Managing technology is hard enough, but as new phone features and capabilities crop up seemingly every day, navigating the ever changing landscape of mobile banking technologies and vendors becomes increasingly complex. eBusiness professionals must weigh the appropriateness of any technology based on its fit with the business objectives and customer goals. This report forms part of our mobile banking strategy playbook and outlines the tools and technologies digital banking teams need to execute their mobile banking strategy. It is designed to provide guidance on how to build and optimize existing mobile technologies to increase customer value.
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  • Anticipate Change To Deliver A Successful Mobile Banking Solution
  • Build A Scalable Solution That Meets Short- And Long-Term Needs
  • Identify New Opportunities Unique To Mobile
  • Balance Optimizing The Platform And Building New Contextual Services
  • Navigating Mobile Banking Vendors Is Not Straightforward

    It's Not About What You Can Do Today But What You Can Do Tomorrow
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