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Forrester defines the business intelligence (BI) market as a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that leverage the output of information management processes for analysis, reporting, performance management, and information delivery. Research coverage includes executive dashboards as well as query and reporting tools.

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  • For CIO Professionals

    Report:Top Technologies For Your BT Agenda

    Tools And Technology: The Business Technology Agenda Playbook

    In today's competitive environment, investing in business technologies is central to companies' ability to win, serve, and retain customers. Business execs know this, but they don't think that their...

    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, Q3 2014

      The Answer To Exploiting Perishable Insights

      Streaming analytics is anything but a sleepy, rearview mirror analysis of data. No, it is about knowing and acting on what's happening in your business at this very moment — now. Forrester...

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    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:Google Flu Trends — A Big Data Fail? Not Exactly

      Learn Big Data Lessons From Google

      In 2008, Google developed a big data predictive model using Internet search terms that it claimed could track the spread of the flu faster and with greater accuracy than the Center for Disease...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Gear Up To Support B2B Marketing's Big Data Destiny

      This report, originally written for chief marketing officers, includes content relevant to customer insights (CI) professionals that focus on business-to-business (B2B) activities. Here's why: B2B...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Deciphering A Fragmented Customer Analytics Ecosystem

      Tools And Technology: The Customer Analytics Playbook

      With the increased focus on data-driven marketing, few firms have the budgets, technology capabilities, or analytical skills to advance their analytics agendas internally, and they frequently turn to...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Instant Insight: The Truth About Advanced Analytics

      "Advanced Analytics" Is Not Just "Better Analytics"

      This report answers common questions that business technology professionals ask about the what, why, and how of advanced analytics. Don't make the mistake of thinking that "advanced analytics" is...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Customer Data Should Be The Lifeblood Of Your Enterprise

      Some say that data is the new oil — but we think that comparing data to oil is too limiting. Data is the new sun: it's limitless and touches everything firms do. Customer data is the most...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:TIAA-CREF Embarks On Analytics Governance

      Performance Management: The Customer Analytics Playbook

      The digital analytics team at financial services organization TIAA-CREF wanted to deliver strategic, forward-thinking insights to internal decision-makers. To enhance its influence on the business,...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Q&A: How To Energize Your Enterprise BI Platform With Integrated Predictive R Models

      The business intelligence (BI) market is slowly but surely broadening and extending its reach into new areas beyond basic reporting, analytics, and dashboards. Data exploration, text, geospatial, and...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Trends 2014: Staffing And Hiring For eBusiness

      Our Annual Benchmark Of eBusiness Team Sizes And Job Functions

      In our annual organizational and staffing survey of eBusiness and channel strategy professionals, we found that while eBusiness budgets and team sizes are growing, finding the skills and capabilities...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q2 2014

      The Six Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

      In Forrester's 75-criteria evaluation of web analytics vendors, we identified the six most significant software providers in the category — Adobe, AT Internet, Google, IBM, SAS Institute, and...

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    • For CIO Professionals

      Report:Navigating The New Data Market Landscape

      New Data Sources And Players Offer Richer, Easier-To-Use Data For Better Business Decisions

      Organizations across industries are experiencing a data explosion that is doing nothing short of revolutionizing business practices. The availability of new data sources and delivery models provides...

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    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Seven Advanced Analytics Must-Knows

      Use Advanced Analytics To Power Customer Engagement

      Don't make the mistake of thinking that "advanced analytics" is just "better analytics." It is a fundamentally different data-driven approach firms use to find new knowledge and insights about...

      • Downloads: 495
    • For Security & Risk Professionals

      Report:Choose The Right Technologies To Support Your GRC Program

      Tools And Technologies: The Governance, Risk, And Compliance Playbook

      Improving the maturity of your governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) program requires you to establish complex relationships between disparate data sets, including audit outcomes, risk and control...

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    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Use Sensors To Take Apps To The Next Level Of Customer Engagement

      Apps Are Better And Customers Are Happier When Sensor Data Enriches Experiences

      Most apps are boring. Sensors can help. Sensors are data collectors that measure physical properties of the real-world such as location, pressure, humidity, touch, voice, and much more. You can find...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Infrastructure Will Drive The Retail Store Experiences Of The Future

      In-Store Technology Is Too Critical For I&O To Be Left Out

      To engage customers, retailers are implementing new technologies to help increase the relevance of content, reduce shopper frustrations, and create pleasing experiences. For example, Burberry tags...

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    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:Analyze This: Web Style Analytics Enters The Retail Store

      Privacy Remains A Significant Barrier For Adoption

      eBusiness leaders have a lot to offer retail store executives as they embark on injecting digital commerce technology into the physical store. Retail stores have been living in the analytical "dark...

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    • For CMO Professionals

      Report:B2B Marketing's Big Data Destiny

      How To Make Business Buyer Data Actionable

      Business-to-business (B2B) CMOs who make business decisions based on internal data, with all of its imperfections and gaps, risk the same fate as hikers who head off into the wilderness without a...

      • Downloads: 323
    • For Customer Insights Professionals

      Report:Decipher The Digital Intelligence Technology Code

      Tools And Technology: The Digital Intelligence Playbook

      Delivering on the vision of digital intelligence requires a strong technology commitment to support broad data, analysis, and action requirements. But many organizations fail to develop a...

      • Downloads: 274
    • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

      Report:Focus On People, Processes, And Technology To Achieve Mix Optimization Mastery

      Strategic Plan: The Marketing Mix Optimization Playbook

      Marketing mix optimization (MMO) is a complex endeavor, requiring a fundamental shift in decision-making and marketing measurement processes. To successfully effect this change and really understand...

      • Downloads: 611
    • For Application Development & Delivery Professionals

      Report:Brief: How TripIt Masters Mobile Moments For Frequent Fliers

      Concur's Travel Organizing App Powerfully Combines Operational Awareness With Mobile Engagement

      Customers' mobile mind shift means they expect service in their immediate context and moment of need. The battle for customers' attention and loyalty will be waged in mobile moments — any time...

      • Downloads: 137
    • For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

      Report:The Emergence Of Beacons In Retail

      Early Implementations Lack Depth, But Future Integrations Have The Potential To Transform The In-Store Customer Experience

      It is impossible to read retail news today without hearing about another implementation of beacons, a technology based on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) that allows smartphones to interact with sensors...

      • Downloads: 622
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:EIM Becomes A Reality As Vendors Stitch Together Data And Content Solutions

      Enterprise information management (EIM) is the discipline of jointly managing both data and content to deliver an increased value of information to the organization. While Forrester recognizes that...

      • Downloads: 227
    • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

      Report:TechRadar™: Enterprise DBMS, Q1 2014

      In-Memory, NoSQL, And DBaaS Forge Ahead; Relational And Data Warehouses Focus On Innovation; And Market Starts Consolidating

      Today, enterprises face increasing data management challenges, largely because of growing data volumes, data security issues, the need for real-time information, integration of structured with...

      • Downloads: 377
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Predictions For 2014: Technology Monitoring

      Monitoring Advances From Providing Reactive Information To Predictive Business Insights

      In 2014, technology monitoring priorities for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals can no longer only focus on technology offerings that serve internal business services but must also...

      • Downloads: 336