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Capitalize On The Digital Experience Imperative With Better Governance

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Organizations still struggle to get the right content to the right consumers at the right time. Outdated technologies, policies, and procedures mean that IT can't keep pace with the business' demands for innovative customer experiences at many organizations. Why? These governance policies are often too siloed around applications, business units, and channels and too rigid in scope to foster innovation and speed up time-to-market. Application development and delivery professionals (AD&D pros) have an opportunity to help change existing governance processes and policies by unifying them across business units, channels, and technology applications. This report provides a framework for the ways that organizations will have to begin to shift their digital experience governance processes and policies in order to support business requirements.
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  • It's The Wild West Redux For Digital Customer Experience Initiatives
  • Poor Governance Leads Down The Path To The Wild West
  • Transform Each Governance Component To Tame The Wild West
  • Define and Enforce New Processes
  • Create Unified, Cross-Business Governance Structures
  • Develop An Appetite For Risk
  • Create Flexible Governance Charters
  • Bridge Data Governance Across Applications

    Begin The Journey To Unified Processes And Policies
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