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Case Study: Tuning In To Neustar's Briefing Performance Program

The Role Of Active Hosts In Briefing Success

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Neustar has dramatically increased the level of analyst acceptances of briefing requests, the coverage it gains from those briefings, and the willingness of analysts to offer help in the form of press quotes, media interviews, sales leads, and other types of assistance. Unusually, the analyst relations (AR) team has achieved all of this by borrowing techniques from a completely different profession: radio.
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  • Situation: AR Faced Low Analyst Interest
  • AR Radioed For Help
  • Best Practice: AR Coordinates And Supplies The Briefing Team
  • Best Practice: All Hands Write An Enticing Pitch
  • Best Practice: Briefing Participants Plan Timely Content Coverage
  • Best Practice: AR Controls The Briefing In Real Time
  • Best Practice: Neustar Applies Learned Lessons Immediately
  • Best Practice Results: Briefing Acceptances And Briefing Benefits Rose

    Choreograph Your Briefings For Maximum Effect

    Small Strokes Create World-Class Pictures
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