Charlie Dai

Principal Consultant serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Charlie serves Enterprise Architecture Professionals and offers strategic advice and guidance to clients in the areas of application architecture, business process management (BPM), program and project management, and system integration and application optimization, particularly in the China market.

He also leads a consulting team that helps Business Technology and Marketing & Strategy clients address their business requirements and gain customer satisfaction. He has extensive experience in multiproject management, rich industry expertise, and a passion for helping customers achieve success.

Previous Work Experience

Charlie has more than 11 years of working experience in the software industry and is PMP certified. Before Forrester, Charlie was senior manager of professional services for Cordys, a global BPMS and PaaS software vendor for the telecom, manufacture, retail, and utility industries. Prior to Cordys, Charlie was the project manager for Datang Telecom.


Charlie graduated with a master's degree in pattern recognition and intelligent systems from Tsinghua University of China.

Charlie Dai's Research

  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Customer-Centric Innovation Is The Future Of China's Banking Industry

    Enterprise architecture (EA) professionals at companies doing business in China should take a look at what the country's banking and financial services industry (BFSI) is doing to enable custome...

    • Downloads: 77
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Transform Banking Enterprise Architecture For Business Innovation

    The banking industry in China is transforming. Internet companies and changes to the regulatory environment are having a significant impact on this highly regulated market segment. Facing a comp...

    • Downloads: 118
  • For CIOs

    Report: Quick Take: Rackspace Aims To Deliver Great Managed Cloud Experiences In Asia Pacific

    Five years ago, Rackspace made its entrance into Asia Pacific (AP) when it set up an office in Hong Kong. Since then, it has expanded into Australia, New Zealand, and India. At its analyst event...

    • Downloads: 72
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Brief: The Chinese Cloud Market Is Entering A New Era

    The Chinese cloud market has grown quickly over the past three years. However, cloud providers have focused primarily on the basic features of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings and ha...

    • Downloads: 110
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: The Enterprise Architecture Practice In China In 2014

    For the past 20 years, China's economy has been one of the fastest-growing in the world across all industry verticals. In 2010, China overtook the US as the globe's largest manufacturer and is f...

    • Downloads: 110
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Case Study: Telstra's Business-Led IT Transformation Facilitates Global Operations

    Managing IT complexity to support business strategy is often a big challenge for enterprise architects at large companies. This effort usually becomes even more difficult to manage when a compan...

    • Downloads: 300
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: PaaS Market Dynamics in China, 2012 To 2017

    Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) is garnering attention and focus from multiple corners of the Chinese market as traditional IT vendors, independent software vendors (ISVs), telcos, and Internet com...

    • Downloads: 192
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: How To Successfully Set Up IT Infrastructure For Your Business In China

    For the thousands of foreign companies that establish business operations in China every year, one of the first things on their to-do lists is setting up IT infrastructure, including horizontal ...

    • Downloads: 188
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Key Emerging Technologies Bring Opportunity To Chinese Businesses

    Emerging technologies such as big data, mobility, and cloud are powering the age of the customer and creating a market where innovators disrupt traditional leaders and startups have greater oppo...

    • Downloads: 145
  • For Enterprise Architecture Professionals

    Report: Case Study: Technology Innovation Enables Nongfu Spring To Strengthen Market Leadership

    It's not easy for a local Chinese company to grow to occupy the leading position in a highly competitive market segment. But Nongfu Spring did this in the bottled water manufacturing industry in...

    • Downloads: 144
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