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    Delivering a differentiated customer experience requires that you have the right technologies, business processes, and empowered organizational structures to support your organization's customer service capabilities. But the customer service technology ecosystem is extremely complex. When faced with the choice of what technologies to take advantage of, application development and delivery (AD&D) pros leading customer service projects should move away from a build-first mentality. Instead, they should first consider if similar technologies exist within the enterprise to leverage for customer service. If there aren't suitable solutions within the enterprise, they can look at outsourcing options, customer relationship management (CRM) suites, or specialty customer service point-solutions vendors. This report — the tools and technology component of the customer service playbook — provides an overview of options to consider when sourcing customer service technologies.
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    • Organizations Navigate The Customer Service Solution Landscape
    • Leverage Existing Capabilities
    • Consider Outsourcing
    • Explore CRM Suite Customer Service Solutions
    • Evaluate Customer Service Specialty Vendors
    • Build It Only If The Use Cases Are Unique

      Narrow Your Choice, And Expedite The Selection Process
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