Clay Richardson

Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Clay serves Enterprise Architecture Professionals and is a leading expert on business process management (BPM) software, services, and methodologies. Clay delivers strategic guidance to professionals seeking to improve collaborative and operational business processes. Clay specifically helps enterprises establish BPM strategies, governance standards, and BPM centers of excellence; identify Agile and Lean methodologies best suited for BPM projects; and establish vendors and technologies that help automate and optimize mission-critical business processes.

Previous Work Experience

Clay comes to Forrester with many years of experience in business process improvement projects, BPM platforms and solutions selection, systems analysis and design, and project management for enterprise software implementations. Clay has led projects to successfully deploy BPM solutions for government and commercial organizations around the world and has specialized in helping create BPM centers of excellence.

Most recently, Clay served as BPM practice leader at Project Performance Corporation, a system integrator based in Washington, D.C., where he launched and managed the company's BPM practice. Prior to that, Clay directed a team of 30 consultants, trainers, and support engineers in delivery and support of BPM solutions, as the director of professional services at HandySoft Global Corporation, a pure-play BPM vendor.

Clay is active with several BPM industry associations, including the Workflow Management Coalition, where he served as founder and co-chair of the organization's public sector chapter.


Clay earned a B.S. in computer science from the University of South Carolina and a BPM professional certificate from Boston University.

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