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    This report provides an approach to formulating and implementing an enterprise architecture (EA) communication program that eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty that usually surround such efforts. By following this approach, EA professionals will create a communication program that attracts the right stakeholders to their effort and opens doors to further evolving EA's mission. EA programs are unable to make strides toward the high-performance, business-centered vision without communicating and collaborating along the way. For teams to embed new capabilities into the organization's decision-making, stakeholders must know who EA is, how to use EA, why to use EA, and what benefit they get. Most of all, they must be convinced to participate in EA. But chances are, stakeholders have opinions on how best to work with EA shaped by past job experiences or years of dealing with "old-fashioned EA." EA leaders must work to alter these perceptions, and running an EA communication program is a critical piece of the solution. This program should produce the perception of EA's relevance in the strategic realm and secure the stakeholder collaboration that EA needs to be successful as a high-performance practice.
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    • Communication Programs Accompany The Shift To High-Performance EA
    • Creating And Implementing High-Performance EA's Communications

      Include The "Four P's" In All Communications Plans
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