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Connected Cameras Are The Future For The Post-Film World – A Social Computing Report

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    Digital cameras and camcorders have enjoyed a boom as consumers have transitioned from film and replaced all of their cameras. Most digital cameras are examples of a transition technology that is still closely modeled on the film era. This has to change. The digital camera market is becoming an increasingly crowded space as numerous devices gain camera features. Consumers now routinely own multiple devices with cameras that compete for pocket and bag space. Camera makers must make a final break with their film past and look to steal the best practices of the most successful camera phones to continue to succeed in the post-film world. Increasingly, a photo print is no longer "the final product," and consumers are active in social media, both at home and while mobile. In future, all cameras will have a core set of abilities that includes connectivity, video capture, and location tagging. The trick will be to work out how best to deliver a differentiated experience that is highly convenient.

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    • Devices Collide Rather Than Converge
    • Consumers Have Changed Fundamentally

      All Cameras Will Have A Core Set Of Connected Abilities
    • The "Pocket Share" Constraint Will Continue

      It's Time To Think Different
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