Research-Based Consulting

Forrester's research-based consulting is the most personalized way to engage with Forrester and apply our deep body of research, data-driven insights, and best practices to your specific business challenge.

Faster, better decisions

Forrester experts are equipped with knowledge and perspectives drawn from our extensive body of research, allowing us to quickly and efficiently develop recommendations tailored to your situation.

Deep expertise

Forrester experts partner with our analysts to leverage the full breadth and depth of our world-class research and proprietary data.

Objective advice

Forrester remains independent of any technology bias or vendor influence. We provide an essential external viewpoint that may challenge popular opinion within your business or industry.

Consulting: the most personalized way to engage with Forrester.

Leverage Our Intellectual Capital

Playbook Consulting
Playbooks organize our research and consulting services to align with your top initiatives. For each playbook, we can deliver the following consulting projects:

  • Visioning sessions
  • Business cases
  • Maturity assessments
  • Vendor selections
  • Organizational designs
  • Strategic road maps

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Popular Engagements
Forrester offers numerous consulting engagements based on your specific role and business initiative.

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What Our Clients Say

"We approached Forrester to come in and give us additional perspective on what is currently going on in mobile and where things were heading. We were very impressed with the expertise and all around good knowledge about mobile. We left feeling more aligned to our mobile strategy and like we are now working in the right direction."
Tom Dixon, Director, Digital Communications, American Express

Get Started

Contact your account manager to schedule a 30-minute call with a Forrester consulting specialist to discuss your current initiatives and where we can provide direct support.

Watch Victoria Bough, senior vice president, consulting, describe how Forrester’s guidance can help ensure confidence in your vision. (1:51)