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Creating Your Transformation Strategy For Digital Experience Delivery

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Digital customer experience is the next big opportunity for application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals. Business leaders responsible for marketing, sales, and support need advice and guidance from AD&D leaders as they select vendors and technologies. They need AD&D (working with colleagues in enterprise architecture) to establish the technical services and tools to deliver and optimize cross-channel customer experiences. And they need AD&D's expertise in project and program management and software quality assurance. To grasp this opportunity, the typical AD&D organization must transform to be quicker; master new technologies and relationships; and broker, as well as build, digital experience solutions. This report outlines how to create a strategy for this transformation, both for AD&D shops just beginning the digital experience journey and organizations already well down the path.
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  • A Digital Experience Delivery Strategy Is A Transformation Plan
  • Use The POST Technique To Construct Your Strategic Plan

    It's A Great Time To Be An AD&D Leader
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