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Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Demands New Metrics

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    To get the best returns from the adoption of a customer-centric approach to marketing, Forrester believes that marketers must make the shift from the traditional marketing funnel to the customer life cycle. Marketers must understand at what stage in the cycle marketing programs are more relevant, focus on information flows at customer hand-over points, and adopt across-cycle metrics to foster customer-centric alignment across different teams and functions. This report will explain how CMOs must spearhead adoption of new metrics for performance management that will optimize the transition to a customer life-cycle marketing strategy as well as how to measure success within and between phases of the model. This report is an update to "Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Demands New Metrics," originally published on February 8, 2011.
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    • Increasing Complexity Demands Customer Centricity
    • Adopt The Customer Life Cycle To Align Customer Activities
    • Define Metrics That Measure The Customer Life Cycle

      Engage The Enterprise With Shared Customer-Driven Metrics
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