Dan Bieler

Principal Analyst serving CIOs

Dan is a member of Forrester's Business Technology Futures team, which serves CIOs and their business partners by predicting the long-term business impact of information technology. His research focus is on as-a-service business models and tech-driven business transformation, analyzing the changing market environment for communication service providers and their equipment suppliers. Dan analyzes the potential for cloud computing and the emerging business models for communications service providers, as well as the role of network outsourcing. He regularly speaks at industry conferences and Forrester events and is widely quoted in the business and IT industry press.

Previous Work Experience

Dan has been in the ICT sector for more than a decade and a half. During this period, he held positions in investment banking, industry research, and vendor strategy and operations. Prior to joining Forrester, Dan worked at Deutsche Telekom's enterprise division, T-Systems, as a strategic marketing consultant. The role involved strategy planning and communication initiatives. Before Deutsche Telekom, Dan worked as an EMEA consulting director for telecommunications and networking at the research firm IDC and as a research director at Ovum. Dan also worked for more than half a decade in the investment banking industry as an equity analyst for Nomura International in London and for Credit Lyonnais Securities in Paris. His focus was on Pan-European telecoms, both integrated and pure mobile operators. During that period, Dan participated in several equity capital markets and private equity deals.


Dan holds an M.Sc. in economics and B.Sc. in economics from the London School of Economics and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), both of which are part of the University of London.

Dan Bieler's Research

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    Report: Customer Privacy Is A European CIO Priority

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    Report: The Enterprise Network Enables Business Innovation

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    Report: The Collaborative Economy Will Drive Business Innovation And Growth

    Over the past two decades, the Internet has triggered a tectonic shift in the concept of networking — one that has redefined how companies market and sell products. More recently, social m...

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    Report: Case Study: Philips' Journey Toward Becoming A Connected Business

    The connected business is central to the age of the customer. To succeed in the age of the customer and thrive in times of digital disruption, businesses need to transform into highly collaborat...

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    Report: The Future Of Telecom: Strategies To Move Off The Endangered Species List

    Telcos are an endangered species; their traditional business model has come undone, and many operators face a downward revenue/earnings/investment spiral. The classic telco position is eroding d...

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    Report: Telcos As Cloud Rainmakers

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    Report: Prepare For The Connected Enterprise Now

    The connected enterprise is becoming a reality. Businesses require access to the best market information regarding customer demand, supplier options, transport and logistics, and sales patterns....

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    Report: Telcos Without Networks

    Network infrastructure has long been the telco business's cash cow. In recent years, this cow has suffered from a poor diet as the result of pricing pressure, network overloads, and nontelco com...

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    Report: The Future Of Over-The-Top Services

    Over the top (OTT), the network-agnostic delivery of digital services, marks an important shift in the delivery and consumption of information and communications technology (ICT) services. OTT b...

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