David M. Cooperstein

VP, Research Director serving CMO PROFESSIONALS

David serves CMOs as a leading expert in digital marketing and strategy, with hands-on senior management experience in social media and online advertising. David worked at Forrester from 1996 to 2002 in the telecom and retail verticals and rejoined in 2009. He helped define the multichannel retail world, predicted the demise of many of the dot-com retailers, and uncovered the true economics of bandwidth during his first tenure with Forrester.

Previous Work Experience

David has worked as a marketing and strategy expert for more than 20 years — 15 of those years in Internet technology and marketing strategy. He has been on executive teams with public and private companies and worked on the boards of several Internet startups.

David rejoined Forrester in 2009 after spending six years in startup and executive management for Gather.com, an online social network site, and Burst Media, an online ad network. Prior to Forrester, he worked in consulting at Booz Allen & Hamilton (now Booz & Co.) and international marketing with Northwest Airlines.

David has spoken at industry and company events in his Forrester and non-Forrester roles and has been quoted extensively in major national media outlets. He is a well-regarded speaker and moderator at such venues as the National Retail Federation, the annual Public Radio conference, and at many other industry events.

Prior to his return to Forrester, David was an active member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.


David holds a Bachelor of Science in consumer economics from Cornell University.

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  • David M. Cooperstein
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