Derek Miers

Principal Analyst serving Enterprise Architecture PROFESSIONALS

Derek serves Enterprise Architecture Professionals. He is an internationally recognized expert in business process management (BPM) and organizational transformation. He has worked in this area for more than 20 years, dealing with major brands, governmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Derek's research focuses on the methods, approaches, frameworks, tools, techniques, and technologies of business architecture; BPM; business process improvement; business transformation; and organizational change. He places special emphasis on an outcome-based, customer-focused approach.

Previous Work Experience

Derek is a well-known keynote speaker and chair of major EA conferences. As co-chair of, he helped merge the organization with the Object Management Group (OMG).


Derek completed the Early Growth Program at London Business School.

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  • Technology Product Strategies
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Tip The Balance From Reference Customers To Advocates

    Capture Buyer Satisfaction And Enthusiasm Earlier

    Most business-to-business (B2B) marketing budgets have a significant and recurring line item entitled "customer reference program," which involves extensive spending and effort so the sales force and...

    • Downloads: 180
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Buyer Role Profile: Enterprise Architect

    This report is designed to give sales enablement professionals an introduction to the enterprise architect (EA) role, as well as an overview of the general concerns facing people in this position....

    • Downloads: 228
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Assessing Your Content Management Processes And Organization

    B2B marketers across all industries are investing more into creating digital content to generate new business opportunities, nurture existing sales or marketing leads, and to encourage deeper...

    • Downloads: 598
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:The Case For B2B Customer Experience Programs Is Revenue Generation And Renewal

    But Marketing Cannot Take On This Issue Alone

    Research conducted over the past years indicates that B2B customers perceive their experiences to be worse than those delivered by bottom-of-the-barrel consumer industries such as TV service...

    • Downloads: 386
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Executive Buyer Insight Study: Executives' Preferred Forms Of Sales Contact

    Engaging With Executives Is More About What To Say Than How To Say It

    Growing the size and health of the pipeline is a major focus at most technology vendors. For the majority of sales leaders, prospecting remains the most reliable form of creating opportunity....

    • Downloads: 670
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Tapping Resources To Optimize Partner Loyalty

    Organization: The Channel Partner Loyalty Playbook

    This report maps out the range of stakeholders within your organization whom you will work with, and work for, in executing the channel partner loyalty playbook. It is designed to help you plan and...

    • Downloads: 245
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Partner Loyalty Metrics That Matter

    Performance Management: The Channel Partner Loyalty Playbook

    Program performance management is about systematic measurement and relentless adjustment, in this case, of your channel partner loyalty program. Identifying the right metrics and implementing the...

    • Downloads: 282
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Buyer Role Profile: Sourcing And Vendor Management

    This report is designed to give sales enablement professionals an introduction to the sourcing and vendor management (SVM) role, as well as an overview of the general concerns facing people in this...

    • Downloads: 169
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:B2B Marketing Tactics And Results: Channel-Oriented Versus Direct

    Channel Ecosystem Entropy Diminishes Results

    In this economic climate of scrutinized marketing budgets and demonstrable return on investment (ROI) expectations, business-to-business (B2B) marketers need to make sure that they're doing the right...

    • Downloads: 342
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Use Field Marketing To Align Marketing Content With International Customer Needs

    Tech Vendors That Sell Globally Tend To Market And Localize Centrally

    Tech marketing executives are struggling to strike a balance between the control they need to communicate a consistent brand promise and deliver a consistent brand experience while also being...

    • Downloads: 242
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Seller Insight Study: Sales Professionals' Perspective On Creating A Shared Vision Of Success

    In the midst of an increasingly dynamic business climate, executives must find effective ways to navigate the challenges of establishing a vision of success from salespeople to buyer stakeholders....

    • Downloads: 56
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Scoring Your Partner Program For Loyalty

    Assessment: The Channel Partner Loyalty Playbook

    To systematically determine how well your partner program is performing today, and set a baseline for what to improve moving forward, measuring all the significant activity you put into building...

    • Downloads: 266
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Buyer Role Profile: Infrastructure And Operations

    This report is designed to give sales enablement professionals an introduction of the infrastructure and operations (I&O) role, as well as an overview of the general concerns facing people in this...

    • Downloads: 173
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Use The L2RM Platform Forrester Wave™ To Support Buyer Engagement

    The Forrester Wave: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors, Q1 2014

    This report, originally written for customer insights professionals, includes content relevant to professionals responsible for sales enablement, especially those leading marketing for B2B companies....

    • Downloads: 191
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:The Forrester Wave™: Partner Relationship Management (PRM) Platforms, Q4 2013

    The Seven Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up

    In Forrester's 40-criteria evaluation of partner relationship management (PRM) platform vendors, we identified the seven most significant software providers in the category — Channeltivity,...

    • Downloads: 292
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Channel Partner Loyalty Capabilities Assessment

    Assessment: The Channel Partner Loyalty Playbook

    Forrester's Channel Partner Loyalty Capabilities Assessment is a tool that illustrates and scores the seven critical program elements that contribute to channel partner loyalty. 

    • Downloads: 45
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Why Do Sales Reps Believe They Lose Deals?

    Salespeople in different roles (e.g., strategic accounts, geographic, inside) and different levels of experience have very different perspectives on selling — or do they? There are some things...

    • Downloads: 167
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:What Executives Believe Constitutes A Valuable Meeting

    Your strategy for growth -- by cross- or upselling your portfolio to new buyers at existing accounts -- is likely suffering because the executives your sales teams manage to engage are underwhelmed...

    • Downloads: 64
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Tech Channel Marketing Trends 2012

    Growth Continues In Channel-Generated Revenue Share And Investment

    It's a case of good dollars following good — channels continue to perform, in terms of revenue contribution, so tech vendors continue to invest in them. Tech marketers will be operating with...

    • Downloads: 496
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Buyer Role Profile: VP Of Security

    This report is designed to give professionals in sales enablement an introduction to the VP of security role as well as an overview of the general concerns facing people in that position. The...

    • Downloads: 194
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Closing The Sales Coaching Feedback Loop

    Continuously Improve Sales Coaching To Drive Consistent Sales Results

    Sales enablement professionals who attempt to implement long-term sales coaching initiatives won't succeed without visibility into specific sales coaching conversations and relationships and the...

    • Downloads: 165
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Technology For Engagement Channel Systems

    Leveraging Collaborative Systems To Tether Your Partners To Your Strategy

    Top-performing tech companies focus on transforming their sales channel into an engagement channel capable of engaging customers across the full technology adoption life cycle. But most channel...

    • Downloads: 358
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Market Overview: Channel Data Management

    The Gateway To Channel Sales And Marketing Visibility

    Few tech vendors are immune to the millions of dollars in lost revenue that amount from overpayments of channel incentives, stock-outs, gray market activity, and audit penalties/fines. Having...

    • Downloads: 176
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Stakeholder Profile: Sales Training Leader

    In order to execute a successful sales enablement strategy, many different stakeholders must be able to work together effectively. The ability to start working more effectively across traditional...

    • Downloads: 140
  • For Sales Enablement Professionals

    Report:Establish Your Content Marketing Life Cycle

    B2B Content Managers Must Plan More Than A Calendar

    Consumers have more power at their disposal than ever before and B2B content managers must adapt their strategies to stay relevant. It is no longer adequate to market to a singular, monolithic...

    • Downloads: 355