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Develop Your Workforce Computing Balanced Scorecard

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    This report outlines Forrester's solution for developing effective metrics to measure the performance of your workforce computing initiatives. Identifying and implementing a comprehensive, relevant set of metrics that ensure IT is sufficiently enabling the business to succeed is challenging for infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals, and workforce computing-related metrics typically end up in fragmented silos. Forrester's definition of workforce computing unifies disparate solutions that span desktops to mobile, physical and virtual to hybrid, IT-provided to externally sourced, and on-premises to cloud-hosted architectures. This requires I&O executives to take a strategic and systematic approach to identifying and capturing metrics that address the impact on technical and strategic business requirements. A proactive approach to measuring workforce computing capabilities enables I&O execs to be strategic, efficient, forward-looking, and adaptable.
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    • Why Workforce Computing Metrics Are Critical To I&O's Success
    • Measuring Workforce Computing Efficacy Is A Continuous Process
    • Develop Your Workforce Computing Balanced Scorecard

      Put Your Workforce Computing Metrics To Action
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