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Dissect Data To Gain Actionable INTEL

Forrester's Data Security And Control Framework

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    Forrester segments the problem of securing and controlling data into three areas: 1) defining the data; 2) dissecting and analyzing the data; and 3) defending and protecting the data. We refer to this as our Data Security And Control Framework. In this report, we offer more vision and detail for dissecting and analyzing data. Business executives demand data for decision-making. Security professionals want situational awareness. Security information management (SIM) tools are seen as a solution to fulfill both needs, but today's reality is that SIM creates more fog than clarity, doing little more than providing compliance reporting. Big data and network analysis and visibility (NAV) tools for security analytics will provide the necessary additional ingredients to overhaul SIM and move it from merely compliance reporting to providing situational awareness for both the business and IT security. This security analytics will provide "INTEL," a term we've coined that stands for "information, notification, threats, evaluation, and leadership." The intersection of big data, data warehousing, NAV tools, and business intelligence will be necessary to help stop not just network intrusions but also the exfiltration of data from organizations.

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    • SIM For Security Analytics Flounders Today
    • SIM's Future Requires Situational Awareness And Actionable INTEL

      SIM Is Poised For — And Requires — A Transformation
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