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    How does an enterprise — especially a large, global one with multiple product lines and multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications — make sense of operations, logistics, and finances? There's just too much information for any one person to process. So it's business intelligence (BI) to the rescue! But how does BI differ from reporting and management information systems? What's the business impact? What are the costs versus the benefits? What's the appropriate strategy for implementing BI and achieving continued BI success? This executive overview of the business intelligence playbook for application development and delivery professionals will give you an understanding of the four critical steps in strategizing around BI to achieve business goals: 1) establish the value of BI; 2) set the right strategy; 3) execute the strategy with precision; and 4) measure and optimize results.
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    • Why Business Intelligence Matters
    • How Forrester Can Help Optimize Your Business Intelligence Outcome
    • Create Your BI Plan
    • Build An Agile BI Environment
    • Continue To Optimize Your BI Environment
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