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Enterprise ETL: Evolving And Indispensible To Your Data Management Strategy

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    Extract, transform, and load (ETL) software still dominates the data integration landscape as the core technology component for most high-volume, scheduled batch data movement in the enterprise. Data management vendors continue to evolve their ETL solutions by adding functionality such as real-time data integration, data quality, data profiling, metadata management, and support for cloud-based integration, but don't let the evolution of these packaged solutions suggest that ETL is losing its relevance. On the contrary, IT professionals consider ETL to be a critical part of data architectures, enabling next-generation strategic IT initiatives including advanced analytics, real-time data warehousing, master data management, and information-as-a-service. Data management professionals: Keep your fingers on the pulse of the ETL market by monitoring usage trends and organizational best practices from your peers. In addition, assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of software vendors that deliver ETL capabilities as they continue to innovate and differentiate.
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    • ETL Remains A Critical Component Of Any Data Management Environment
    • Packaged ETL Market Leaders Dominate Usage, But Custom Code Holds Strong
    • Enterprise ETL Vendors Come In All Shapes And Sizes

      Consider ETL Technology Core To Your Data Management Strategy
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