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Ethiopia IT Opportunity 2010

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This document highlights the dynamics of the IT market in the African country of Ethiopia, discusses the economic conditions prevailing in the country, and provides a systematic analysis of key IT market opportunities for vendor strategists. As one of the poorest nations in the world, IT development in Ethiopia is hindered by the state's lack of resources, widespread poverty, corruption, and the need for more basic economic development. According to our research, the most important sectors in Ethiopia's IT market are: enterprise, government, mid-market, small business, education, and consumer. Other important aspects of Ethiopia's IT market are discussed, such as telecommunications, PCs, servers, software, cloud computing, open source, and piracy. This document also provides information on major IT providers in Ethiopia, for example: IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, Apple, Cisco, HP, Google, Red Hat,, Intuit, Novell, VMware, Symantec, RIM, and Nokia. Local IT companies and IT associations are also profiled.
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