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Evaluating Your B2B eCommerce Development

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    Because very little third-party benchmarking data exists for B2B eCommerce sites, B2B eCommerce professionals can't easily determine industry best practices or effectively compare themselves to peers. As a result, many companies cannot identify what stage of B2B eCommerce development they are in, and hence struggle to make informed operational program budget and investment decisions. This report outlines a general framework with relative milestones that B2B eCommerce professionals can use to gauge how they are developing with respect to a similarly situated peer group in terms of human capital, business processes, and technology infrastructure. This report is designed to help companies assess their B2B eCommerce maturity.

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    • The Four Stages Of B2B eCommerce Maturity
    • Role Models Are Still Largely An Ideal Versus A Reality
    • Practitioners Are Building Out Scalable Organizations And Platforms
    • Apprentices Are Deciding How Much And How Quickly To Invest
    • Greenhorns Are Focused On Getting The eCommerce Basics Right

      Rigorous Self-Assessment Should Drive Your Growth Plans

      Forrester Can Assess Your B2B eCommerce Strategy And Progress
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