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Executive Q&A: Net Promoter For Customer Experience Professionals

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    Since its introduction in 2003, Net Promoter has garnered significant attention as a tool to measure and improve customer loyalty. Many customer experience professionals want to know how — or whether — they can use Net Promoter in support of their efforts. In this report, we answer several of the most common questions they ask Forrester, including "Why is Net Promoter so popular?" and "Is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) a good customer experience metric?" We also address how customer experience professionals can help make the most of their company's Net Promoter programs.
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    • 1. What is Net Promoter?
    • 2. Why is Net Promoter so popular?
    • 3. Why is Net Promoter so controversial?
    • 4. Is NPS a good customer experience metric?
    • 5. What are some other metrics that firms use for customer experience efforts?
    • 6. Does NPS work for B2B companies too?
    • 7. How can customer experience professionals make the most of Net Promoter?