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Forge Valuable AR Programs With FIAR

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    Analyst relations (AR) managers constantly ask us how to prove the value of their AR programs. Worryingly, so do some of their bosses. Unfortunately, many struggle because they didn't build plans to deliver business value, and they now rely on pure luck to find any. This needn't be. Based on our study of successful and unsuccessful AR programs, Forrester has created the Forrester industry analyst relations (FIAR) process to design and customize AR programs for the specific business needs of any company. AR managers must, and now can, deliver provable business value. This report updates "Forge Valuable AR Programs With FIAR: The Forrester Industry Analyst Relations Model" originally published on November 5, 2008. We have refreshed embedded data, summarized FIAR techniques that we have since published, and included links to more detailed reports where these now exist.

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    • Muddled AR Programs Fail The Business Value Test
    • Introducing The Forrester Industry Analyst Relations Approach
    • Optimize Cost, Staffing, And More
    • Program Viability Depends On Foundational Processes
    • Test, Refine, And Commit To Your New AR Program
    • FIAR Lights Up Design Of Extended AR Programs
    • From Planning To Progress Reporting With FIAR

      Use FIAR, And The Business Value It Generates, Strategically
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