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Boost Your Customer Experience To The Next Level

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - Wednesday, November 20, 2013London

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Fundamentals That Every Organization Needs To Succeed

Track Description

Practices That Transform The Way You Do Business

Track Description

Rev Up For The Future Of Customer Experience
  • Tuesday November 19

    • 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM

      Registration And Refreshments In The Solutions Showcase
    • 09:00 AM - 09:15 AM

      Boost Your Customer Experience To The Next Level: Day One Opening Remarks
    • 09:15 AM - 09:45 AM

      The Path To Customer Experience Maturity

      Most companies struggle to achieve their lofty goals for customer experience. In this session, attendees will be shown the best path forward by exploring:

      • Why a clear road map is key to achieving customer experience maturity.
      • Which factors matter most when choosing a path to improvement.
      • How to balance competing priorities for maximum success.
    • 09:45 AM - 10:15 AM

      Loyalty By Design: Engineering Meaningful Experiences

      The customer experience in LEGO stores doesn’t just happen: It’s carefully designed and systematically executed based on qualitative research into how customers want to interact with the brand. The result is “wow” experiences for parents and children, delivered by highly engaged LEGO employees. In this session you’ll learn how LEGO:

      • Makes sense of experience.
      • Takes a holistic approach to experience design.
      • Values the impact of experiences on customers.
    • 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

      Platinum Keynote Session With Lithium: Truth, Lies, And Social: Be A Volunteer, Not A Victim

      Social customer experience is fast becoming the battleground on which brands live or die. That's why businesses in mature and regulated industries can't continue to avoid social media with the same old litany of excuses: “I’m regulated” or “I’m in an old industry” or “I can’t use social for value.” It’s time to shed the shackles of self-doubt, complexity, and challenges, and use social CX for competitive advantage. This session will leave CIOs, chief customer officers, and senior digital and marketing leaders with an understanding of: 

      • How to leverage the social consumer’s shared experiences for customer loyalty and advocacy.
      • Why trusted content is the lifeblood of social engagement. 
      • How even "conservative" industries are using social to engage, grow, and innovate.
    • 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM

      Morning Networking Break In The Solutions Showcase
    • 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

      Digital Transformation To Enhance Customer Experience

      Digital is not only a channel but a key enabler of differentiation. How does BNP Personal Finance capture the full benefits of digital to enhance customer experience in countries as diverse as France, Poland, Hungary, and Brazil? In this session you’ll learn:

      • How responsive design improves customer experience across multiple types of devices.
      • Why the right skills and tools make it easy to take the right actions and measure their effectiveness.
      • How to use mobile and social channels effectively in different cultures.
    • 11:45 AM - 12:15 AM

      From Ostriches, Grow Lions

      Barclays Africa Group saw a 44% year-over-year increase in customer compliments and a 36% year-over-year reduction in customer complaints. It achieved these results by following six simple but amazingly effective steps including “be accessible” and “solve the problem fairly.” In this session, you’ll hear how Barclays:

      • Benefited from making it easier for customers to complain.
      • Increased customer advocacy and empowered colleagues.
      • Made effective complaint resolution the key to building a "Better Bank."
    • 12:15 PM - 12:20 PM

      Morning Closing Comments
    • 12:20 PM - 01:45 PM

      Networking Lunch, Coffee, And Dessert
    • 01:45 PM - 02:15 PM

      Guest Executive Forum With hybris software: The Omnicommerce Imperative: How The Convergence Of Physical And Digital Is Redefining The Customer Experience
    • 01:45 PM - 02:15 PM

      Guest Executive Forum With SDL: Around The World In One Day: Phileas Fogg And CXM

      With the world going digital, the speed of going around the world is measured in milliseconds rather than days. This offers great opportunities for companies and customers alike. But how do you define a global customer experience management (CXM) strategy while still providing a contextual experience that meets local customers’ needs? How do you even understand what that means? Or does one size fit all? Can you execute without going bankrupt or giving up control of your carefully crafted customer experience? This session will give executives an understanding of how to win the bet of CXM by:

      • Gather insights about your customers’ behaviours and motivations.
      • Create relevant experiences for your customers regardless of channel, devices, region, or culture.
      • And how to orchestrate your organization to make this miracle happen.
    • 02:15 PM - 02:20 PM

    • 02:20 PM - 03:05 PM

      Map The Customer's Journey

      Journey maps are a foundational tool that companies use to fix or even reinvent experiences. This session will give practitioners a firm grasp of:

      • How to plan a journey mapping exercise ― for B2B and B2C environments.
      • What the necessary tactics are to develop the best maps.
      • How to embed journey mapping into your firm’s culture.
    • 02:20 PM - 03:05 PM

      Track B


      Serving The Perpetually Connected Cross-Touchpoint Customer

      Customers use a wide range of touchpoints to discover, explore, buy, and engage with brands and products they value, though all too often Customer Experience Professionals struggle to provide a consistent experience, especially when a customer journey transitions from one touchpoint to another. In this speech, you will learn:

      • How European consumers use multiple touchpoints to shop.
      • How leading firms create compelling cross-touchpoint customer experiences.
      • How you can digitally enhance your customer experience.
    • 02:20 PM - 03:05 PM

      Customer Experiences In The Post-PC World

      The keyboard and mouse no longer satisfy the needs of the connected consumer. In this session, attendees will learn.

      • The attributes of successful next-generation user experiences.
      • The technologies enabling more natural, engaging experiences.
      • Strategies for planning next-generation experiences.
    • 03:05 PM - 03:35 PM

      Afternoon Networking Break In The Solutions Showcase
    • 03:35 PM - 04:20 PM

      Develop A Customer Experience Strategy

      A customer experience strategy is the essential plan that guides all other efforts. In this session, customer experience leaders will learn:

      • What the critical elements of a successful customer experience strategy are.
      • How to define intended experiences.
      • How to embed a customer experience strategy into enterprise planning.
    • 03:35 PM - 04:20 PM

      Engage Employees For Customer Experience Transformation

      Engaged and empowered employees are the life blood of a customer-centric culture. This session will identify:

      • Best practices for cultivating a shared customer experience vision for the B2B or B2C enterprise.
      • Proven methods for empowering employees.
      • Strategies for sustaining successful culture transformation efforts.
    • 03:35 PM - 04:20 PM

      Transform Business From Outside In

      Whether B2B or B2C, firms that seek to differentiate based on customer experience must change the way they organize and operate. In this session, you’ll learn:

      • Why future customer experiences require a new operating model.
      • How to connect customer journey and ecosystem mapping to re-shape your business architecture.
      • How the customer experience maturity model maps to business architecture.
    • 04:20 PM - 04:25 PM

    • 04:25 PM - 05:05 PM

      Measure The Customer Experience

      Without a solid measurement framework, customer experience efforts simply can’t be managed. This session will instruct attendees on:

      • What customer experience professionals should be measuring.
      • What a comprehensive measurement framework looks like.
      • How to launch a successful measurement program.
    • 04:25 PM - 05:05 PM

      Track B


      How To Develop An Advanced Digital Organization

      Successful digital businesses need a combination of the right technology, processes, organization, and measurement. This presentation will help you determine:

      • The capabilities critical to being a mature, successful digital business.
      • How mature you are.
      • How you can make your business more advanced.
    • 04:25 PM - 05:05 PM

      Build Enjoyable Experiences

      The emotional processing that drives decision-making and purchase behavior happens below the conscious level. This session will instruct attendees on:

      • The intersection of branding, experience, and emotion.
      • The emotional influence on decision-making and shaping experiences.
      • Proven methods for measuring consumer emotions.
    • 05:05 PM - 06:30 PM

      Evening Cocktail Reception In The Solutions Showcase
  • Wednesday November 20

    • 08:00 AM - 09:00 AM

      Refreshments In The Solutions Showcase
    • 08:30 AM - 08:50 AM

      Breakfast Presentation With ForeSee: Innovating Analytics: Gaining A Competitive Advantage In A Customer-Driven World

      As customers continue to evolve, so must the analytics used to measure their experiences with companies. This session defines:

      • What the next generation of customer experience analytics is and how it can be a strategic asset for businesses.
      • How to increase the velocity of business growth with the right customer experience.
      • How the Word of Mouth Index (WoMI) is the next generation of Net Promoter Score, adding reliability and accuracy to the popular measurement.
    • 09:00 AM - 09:10 AM

      Boost Your Customer Experience To The Next Level: Day Two Opening Remarks
    • 09:10 AM - 09:40 AM

      Customer Experience Innovation From The Outside In

      Companies claim that they want to differentiate through customer experience. Yet most firms either focus on reactionary find-and-fix initiatives or pray that new technologies and copycat strategies will put them in the lead. That won't cut it. Attendees of this keynote will learn:

      • What distinguishes incremental improvements from true innovations.
      • What strategies help drive customer experience innovation.
      • How to create an innovation engine within your organization.
    • 09:40 AM - 10:10 AM

      Driving Customer Service Across Channels

      Companies often struggle to deliver a consistent experience in one channel. As customers now have many more opportunities to shop with retailers, delivering a cross channel experience is critical. In this session, attendees will hear some of the ways that M&S are aiming to improve the experience for customers however they choose to shop with the brand: 

      • Understanding customer contact points and customer journeys.
      • Understanding what matters to customers.
      • Responding to issues and driving improvement.
    • 10:10 AM - 10:50 AM

      Morning Networking Break In The Solutions Showcase
    • 10:50 AM - 11:20 AM

      Guest Executive Forum With eGain: Multichannel Customer Experience: Top Trends And Innovations

      Today’s customers are hyper-connected and going multichannel faster than ever before. What are the megatrends and innovations when it comes to engaging today’s consumers with delightful experiences? What are the trends in Europe? How can you future-proof your customer engagement to orchestrate great experiences across ever-changing touchpoints? Attend this session to find out.

    • 10:50 AM - 11:20 AM

      Guest Executive Forum With GMC
    • 11:20 AM - 11:25 AM

    • 11:25 AM - 12:10 PM

      Design Experiences From The Outside In

      Disciplined, customer-centered design processes are the key to customer experience innovation. This session will identify:

      • How to use outside-in design processes to deliver unique experiences.
      • How to include customers, partners, and employees in the design process.
      • What the tried-and-true tools are to discover unmet customer needs.
    • 11:25 AM - 12:10 PM

      The Path To Breakthrough Mobile Experiences

      The ubiquity of mobile devices is shifting customer expectations of everything — including their experience with your company. Mobile redefines how easy or enjoyable it is to work with you and to what extent you meet their needs. In this session, you'll learn:

      • How mobile is evolving customer expectations.
      • How to incorporate mobile into your CX best practices.
      • What the mobile design best practices are for CX Professionals.
    • 11:25 AM - 12:10 PM

      Use Location Data To Build Innovative Experiences

      Location is now an essential tool for understanding consumer behaviors and building engaging experiences. Attendees of this session will learn:

      • How retailers use indoor positioning apps to augment shopping experiences.
      • How firms leverage location data for improved space planning and inventory management.
      • How location makes it possible to marry web analytics to real-world commerce.
    • 12:10 PM - 01:10 PM

      Networking Lunch, Coffee, And Dessert
    • 01:10 PM - 01:40 PM

      Essential For Life -- Invisible No More!

      It's not every day you get the opportunity to change the way in which 4 million people think about your product, especially one they have used every day since birth and literally can't live without! This session will describe how Southern Water built a journey around its customers to change their understanding of water use and the way they paid for it. It will cover:

      • The approach we took.
      • The problems we faced.
      • The lessons we learned.
    • 01:40 PM - 02:10 PM

      From Passenger Journey To Smart Airport Experience

      London City Airport’s core value proposition is based on location and a relentless focus on customer experience and customer service. But how can it continue to deliver a great experience as the number of passengers it handles doubles over the next five to ten years? The solution is to turn to “the Internet of things” to measure customer activity and influence their behaviors. In this session you’ll hear how London City Airport will:

      • Measure the flow of customers through physical space and translate what they learn into actions.
      • Improve customer experience through a combination of physical and digital transformation.
      • Coordinate an ecosystem of subcontractors and stakeholders to improve customer experience through technology innovation.

    • 02:10 PM - 02:15 PM

      Forrester Closing Remarks