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Forrester's Paid Content Checklist – A Social Computing Report

Use A Structured Framework To Build A Digital Paid Content Strategy

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There are few examples of companies operating a successful paid digital content strategy. Yet there is a strong need for all companies offering content — many of them not traditional media players — to create new revenue streams around digital content as sales of physical content decline. There is even a core of users willing to pay, but companies have so far failed to meet that demand. To build a compelling paid content product is a challenging prospect for any product strategist within an organization. Great content is a start, but it is not enough. Forrester has identified 10 steps that, taken in order, will help deliver a paid content service that meets consumers' needs and expectations. Use them to guide your content strategy, whether you are a content strategist at a media company, a telco, a device manufacturer, or a brand.
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  • A Paid Content Strategy Needs A Structured, Iterative Approach
  • At Every Stage, Ensure Your Product Has SPARC

    Apply Forrester's Framework To Your Paid Content Strategy
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    The Paid Content Checklist Identifies The Key Strategic Challenges In Sequential Order