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    B2B marketers implementing a lead-to-revenue (L2R) process for the first time or expanding an immature program often feel they are navigating uncharted waters — but they are not alone! Rather than throw a hodgepodge of lead generation and lead management tactics into the marketplace and see what sticks, you should learn from the experiences of your peers. Top performers utilize specific content and strategies in each of the four stages of the L2R process to effectively and efficiently engage with potential buyers as, and when, they want to. And once their efforts begin to move the needle on driving revenue growth, top performers know what metrics to capture to prove to senior management and executives the full impact of implementing the L2R process.

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    • The L2R Process Makes Your Marketing Revenue Relevant
    • Marketers Favor Different Tactics Across The L2RM Stages
    • Success Metrics To Prove Your Case For L2RM
    • L2RM Automation Will Accelerate Your Success

      Benchmark Your L2RM Process Against The Top Performers
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