Online search engine Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) offers targeted search results based on a proprietary algorithm. Most revenue (from the search engine and subsidiaries YouTube and DoubleClick) is generated through sales of online advertising that is relevant to search results. Based in Mountain View, Calif., US.


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    Report: Brief: Samsung Knox 2.0 Chases The Secure Mobile Market

    The relaunch of Samsung Knox 2.0 was widely talked about at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Customers and partners voiced mixed views on the market potential and the impact Knox ...

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    Report: Quick Take: Google Makes Glass Visible To The Enterprise

    Google has long showed off Google Glass for consumer use, but, on April 7, 2014, it explicitly shared the value that Google Glass holds for enterprise usage as well — and launched the Glas...

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    Report: The Case For Google Plus

    It's clear that Google Plus can't match Facebook for audience size, so it's no surprise that brands are much more active on Facebook and have collected much larger fan bases there. But Google Pl...

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    Report: Which Public Cloud Platforms Offer The Right Configuration Controls?

    Developers of modern applications value the agility and abstraction that public cloud platforms provide, but there are vast differences in the degree of control and configurability each platform...

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    Report: The Clash Of The Digital Platforms

    We're only a month into the year and already the digital platforms so necessary to digital disruption are either flexing their muscles or reporting they have the power to do so. Google acquired ...

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