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WEBINAR: How Measure Your Social Marketing Campaigns With Attribution

  • Wednesday, May 20, 2009
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Marketers are spending more of their time and money on social marketing but find it difficult to know if what they are doing is working. Rather than compare new and confusing metrics that don't prove real value, learn to gain more insight through attribution.

A big theme for today's Interactive Marketing professional is attributing credit for a click, engagement, or sale to the right advertisement. Until now, attribution as a technique has been linked mainly to display and search marketing. However, marketers who need to justify the value of social marketing in a tight market can align tactics with other digital channels and successfully compare value using a form of attribution we call block-and-tackle attribution.


  • What is attribution, and why does it matter for social marketing?
  • How to apply the block-and-tackle attribution method
  • What steps must maketers take to begin measuring social marketing with attribution?

Vendors mentioned: Atlas, ComScore, Coremetrics, Doubleclick, Omniture, Theorem, VisualIQ

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