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IT Departments Play Key Role In The Acquisition And Deployment Of Web 2.0 Technologies – A Social Computing Report

How Technology Marketers Can Grow Their Business By Appealing To IT

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    Marketing departments, corporate communications, or other lines of business led early enterprise Web 2.0 deployments, with IT departments along for the ride, if they were involved at all. That dynamic is changing rapidly; our recent Web 2.0 survey shows IT departments taking a more active role in the acquisition and deployment of Web 2.0 technologies. Budgetary controls, the need for integration and technical skills, and the growing importance of Web 2.0 tools are all putting IT departments in the driver's seat. Technology product managers and marketers will need to not only deal with these departments but also appeal to them outright. Those that can do so most effectively stand to close more deals, shorten the sales cycle, and grow deployments more easily.
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    • IT Departments Begin To Play A Major Role In The Adoption Of Web 2.0

      Web 2.0 Marketers Must Embrace The IT Department
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