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Align Co-Creation Participants With The Right Engagements

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Co-creation is a key open innovation tool because it helps product strategy professionals create products that meet customers' needs. In order to pursue co-creation, product strategists must have a firm grasp of the participants they can engage and the types of co-creation engagements they can leverage. To that end, Forrester has constructed taxonomies of co-creation participants and engagements to give product strategists firm definitions and an understanding of the opportunities before them as they plan their co-creation strategies. This report is an update to "Identify Participants And Engagements To Drive Co-Creation Efforts," originally published in October 2010, and provides critical guidance to help product strategists understand how to pair co-creation engagements with the right participant groups as they plan for this part of their open innovation strategy.
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  • Participants And Engagement Are Key To Co-Creation Strategy

    Social Co-Creation Helps Create Products That Meet Consumers' Needs
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