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Information Workplace Platform Vendors Light Up The World Of Work – An Information Workplace Report

IBM And Microsoft Are The Centers Of Gravity Today — But Watch The Spoilers

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Many information and knowledge management (I&KM) professionals seek to deliver next-generation Information Workplace (IW) environments by rationalizing a plethora of related technologies. At the same time, maturing IW platforms continue to expand in depth and breadth. But most vendors — even large ones — lack the resources to build and deliver an entire IW platform; building a full platform from the ground up presents a huge challenge, while integrating the pieces costs too much and makes it hard for I&KM pros to deliver seamless, contextual work environments. IBM and Microsoft have an advantage over a handful of other vendors — Adobe, BEA, EMC, Google, Open Text, Oracle, SAP, and Vignette — seeking to gain ground against the two heavyweights. And they have the lead as long as pressures from Tech Populism, nimble software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendors, and the open source community don't force them to slow down and shift their business models.
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  • The Information Workplace: Now A Reality For Vendors And Enterprises Alike
  • IBM And Microsoft: The Unquestionable Centers Of Gravity Today
  • Other IT Infrastructure Vendors Struggle To Find Their Footing
  • ECM Specialists Are Partner Players
  • The Spoilers: Upstarts And Players Coming In From Left Field

    I&KM Pros: Short-List IBM And Microsoft, But Pay Attention To The Spoilers
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