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Innovating Strategic Management Paradigms And Models To Thrive Amid Global Change – A Social Computing Report

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    To navigate to a successful future, you have to understand the patterns of the past. To support strategists in this imperative, Forrester reviewed research on and the practice of strategy and strategic management over the past 100 years. Drawing upon that research, we provide a map of strategic paradigms and models that will help vendor strategists better understand the fundamentals of strategy and strategic management and create sustainable competitive advantage for their firms moving forward. This is essential insight now because a recession provides companies in general and vendor strategists in particular with a window of opportunity to outfox the competition. With these insights — and tools — firms can set off on a path to differentiation from competitors bogged down in the cost-cutting game.
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    • Three Mega Trends Will Fundamentally Reshape The Future Of Business
    • Strategists Must Adapt To Global Change
    • The Evolution Of Strategic Management Paradigms And Models
    • Service Providers Must Become Management Innovators

      Global Trends Won't Just Change The Rules: They'll Create A Whole New Game
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