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Introducing The New Social Technographics®

How Conversationalists Change The Marketing Landscape

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Social technologies have arrived big time. Facebook and Twitter are on the vanguard of much of the most active online social activity. When we created the Social Technographics® ladder of behaviors, we anticipated most categories of social behavior that continue today with one exception: the rapid conversations that take place in tweets and Facebook status updates. To reflect the new behavior, we've added a rung to the Social Technographics ladder: Conversationalists, a group that starts out with 33% of the online population (compared with 70% who consume social content and 59% who use social networks). Marketers should still analyze the behaviors of their target audiences, but now analyzing markets by segment has become more important.
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  • The Rise Of The Conversationalists
  • Using The New Social Technographics To Analyze A Market Strategy

    Social Saturation Suggests A Segmented Strategy
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