James L. McQuivey, Ph.D.

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving CMO PROFESSIONALS

James serves CMOs. He is the foremost analyst tracking and defining the power and impact of digital disruption on traditional businesses. His consumer models identify the ways consumers have embraced digital experiences and platforms, and his strategy models help companies prepare to serve those consumers. Though he applies this knowledge to a wide variety of industries, he spends the majority of his consulting time with consumer media and consumer electronics companies that are at the forefront of dealing with digital disruption.In February of 2013, James published his book "Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation."

Previously at Forrester, James served as a vice president and research director, running Consumer Technographics® North America, Forrester's unparalleled consumer research effort. Before that, he was a senior analyst and founding member of the online retail strategies practice at Forrester. In addition to keynoting at industry events and Forrester Forums, James is routinely sought after for comment by such publications as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He also appears frequently on NPR and CNBC.

Previous Work Experience

James comes to Forrester most recently after teaching marketing research and media management at Boston University's top-rated College of Communication. In addition, he has served as research director at WGBH in Boston and as a graduate fellow at Syracuse University.


James earned his Ph.D. in mass communication research at Syracuse University. He also holds an MBA with an emphasis in marketing.

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  • James L. McQuivey, Ph.D.
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    Report:How Video Will Take Over The World

    What The Rise Of OmniVideo Means For Consumer Product Strategy Professionals

    TV is already the world's most powerful medium, yet it is about to evolve into a form that will be even more powerful, something Forrester calls OmniVideo. OmniVideo includes today's TV content...

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    Report:The Disruptor's Handbook

    How To Innovate Your Products Before Someone Else Does

    Digital disruption is about to tear down and rebuild every product in every industry. Thanks to digital platforms, your customers live in a world of heightened expectations and abundant options; they...

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    Report:The Future Of Apple Inc.

    By 2013, Apple's Product Mix Will Make It A Credible Hub Of The Digital Home

    Consumer product strategists frequently ask Forrester how Apple's product strategy will evolve: What will Apple's product portfolio look like five years from now, and how is Apple preparing for that...

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    Report:The End Of The Music Industry As We Know It

    The State Of The Digital Audio Market 2008

    The close of 2007 marked the end of a decade of decline for the music industry. Digital audio — first illegal and now legal — has permanently changed how people find, buy, and listen to...

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    Report:What It Really Means To Watch TV Online

    The days of thinking of online video as mostly a YouTube phenomenon are officially over. Instead, the Internet-connected PC has become another TV set in people's lives, one that fulfills all the same...

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    Report:How Consumers Get Online Video To The TV

    The Convenience Quotient Reveals The TV-Connected PC Is The One To Watch

    Online video has finally come to the living room. Forrester estimates that nearly 9 million homes in the US watch at least some online video on a TV set in a typical month. Why they do so is obvious:...

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    Report:Online Video On TV Leads To Cord-Cutting By 2012

    A noteworthy 24.8 million US homes have watched online video on a TV set, most of it put there by Netflix with the help of dozens of different devices. Online video delivered over the top is so...

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    Report:How To Make Connected TVs The Future Of TV

    US Connected TV Forecast, 2010 To 2015

    Connected TVs are all the rage. Every TV maker features connectivity in the top half of their lineup, and major retailers have committed to only sell connected TVs by as soon as 2011. Despite this...

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    Report:How To Rebuild The Media Industries

    What Everything Will Look Like After Recovering From The Media Meltdown

    We have proclaimed the death of the music industry, the decline of print journalism, and the radical overhaul of the TV and movie business. And while each industry is being remade in its own unique...

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    Report:How To Prepare For The Era Of Experience

    Why Companies Must Adopt A Total Product Experience Approach

    New consumer product interface technologies will land in homes late in 2010 that will forever change the way humans and machines interact. Implementing such tools as facial recognition, voice...

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    Report:Why Google TV Is Bigger Than You Think

    How TV Will Finally Become Interactive, At Scale

    Google made significant noise when it recently announced Google TV, the search giant's most recent attempt to influence the future of the TV experience. The news itself was overly complex, and Google...

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  • For Marketing Leadership Professionals

    Report:Benchmark 2008: The Net Challenges Traditional Media For Young Eyeballs

    North American Consumer Technographics

    The total time spent consuming media does not vary significantly across generations, but with younger adults spending more and more of that time online, it's clear that entertainment consumption is...

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    Report:Advertisers See A TV+Web Future

    Forrester and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) surveyed 78 US advertisers representing nearly $15 billion in advertising budgets. More than half of them — 62% — told us that...

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    Report:Segmenting Customers By Technology Preference

    Making Technographics® Segmentation Work

    Consumers today have the choice of purchasing products and services from multiple brands, channels, and retailers. For that reason, understanding the underlying motivations and drivers that influence...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:The Year Of The Connected TV

    A CES 2009 Report

    In the midst of a global recession, while most vendors were pushing their value-priced wares at the January 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a small but significant...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Build A Digital Relationship With Your Customer

    Why The Most Solid Thing In Your Product Strategy Is Virtual

    All consumer product strategists should sit up and take notice: There's a critical lesson to learn from the most recent changes in the media industry. While most in the business have obsessed over...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:What People Really Need

    Building A Needs-Based Product Strategy

    Business and technology innovation has brought us to a point where companies must stop employing internal or industry excuses and finally give consumers what they really need. However, this lofty...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Innovating The Adjacent Possible

    How To Generate The Next Big Product Idea That Will Transform Your Industry

    Most product strategists proceed in an entirely reasonable fashion: They set proximate goals and move toward them in a linear mode, tweaking a product or service to fulfill the well-understood goals...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:The Digital Media Product Innovation Imperative

    Identifying Organizational Priorities For Creating New Digital Media Experiences

    The media meltdown continues its slow burn across the media industries. Yet, enlivened by new devices like the iPad and audience enthusiasm for the content that new technologies have generated, many...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Cracking The Convenience Code

    How The Convenience Quotient Guides Product Strategy

    Why do the products with the most desirable features fail as often as they succeed? Diligent consumer product strategists work tirelessly to figure out how their products will fare in the...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Preparing For The Coming Online TV Backlash

    An Open Letter To An Industry On The Verge Of A Big Mistake

    Online TV viewing has been a smash hit in the US, driving tens of millions of viewers to watch hundreds of millions of TV shows each month. However, the online TV model is coming under fire inside...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:eBook Buying Is About To Spiral Upward

    US eBook Forecast, 2010 To 2015

    Since Amazon.com introduced the Kindle eReader in 2007, all of the industry's attention has focused on the rapid adoption and proliferation of eReaders. However, the success of the devices has been...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:The Fight To Control The TV Becomes A Platform War

    The fight to control the TV is a battle for the more than 114 million TV households that, until now, have been under the quiet control of cable and satellite providers and the broadcast and cable...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:Modest Demand For Video On Demand

    TV Providers Have A Year To Make This Work, Or Web-Based Competitors Will

    Video on demand (VOD) has bedeviled the television service provider market for years, first requiring massive technology investment and then persistently underperforming against expectations. Despite...

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  • For CMO Professionals

    Report:How eReaders Will Fare In A Tablet PC World

    US eReader Forecast, 2010 To 2015

    eReaders face a formidable challenge from the rise of tablet PCs. The iPad is already desired by more people than any single eReader, something we expect to only increase with time. However, with...

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