James L. McQuivey, Ph.D.

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving CMO PROFESSIONALS

James serves CMOs. He is the foremost analyst tracking and defining the power and impact of digital disruption on traditional businesses. His consumer models identify the ways consumers have embraced digital experiences and platforms, and his strategy models help companies prepare to serve those consumers. Though he applies this knowledge to a wide variety of industries, he spends the majority of his consulting time with consumer media and consumer electronics companies that are at the forefront of dealing with digital disruption.In February of 2013, James published his book "Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation."

Previously at Forrester, James served as a vice president and research director, running Consumer Technographics® North America, Forrester's unparalleled consumer research effort. Before that, he was a senior analyst and founding member of the online retail strategies practice at Forrester. In addition to keynoting at industry events and Forrester Forums, James is routinely sought after for comment by such publications as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. He also appears frequently on NPR and CNBC.

Previous Work Experience

James comes to Forrester most recently after teaching marketing research and media management at Boston University's top-rated College of Communication. In addition, he has served as research director at WGBH in Boston and as a graduate fellow at Syracuse University.


James earned his Ph.D. in mass communication research at Syracuse University. He also holds an MBA with an emphasis in marketing.

James L. McQuivey, Ph.D.'s Research

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    Report: Brief: Google's Nest Buys Dropcam To Disrupt Digital Lifestyle

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    Report: How To Ride The Rise And Fall Of Digital Devices

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    Report: Brief: The Future Of Voice Control Goes Far Beyond Dictation

    Digital platform providers Amazon.com, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are competing fiercely to find the next big method to grab more minutes of attention. One of the most important tool...

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    Report: The Clash Of The Digital Platforms

    We're only a month into the year and already the digital platforms so necessary to digital disruption are either flexing their muscles or reporting they have the power to do so. Google acquired ...

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    Report: How Video Will Take Over The World

    TV is already the world's most powerful medium, yet it is about to evolve into a form that will be even more powerful, something Forrester calls OmniVideo. OmniVideo includes today's TV content ...

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    Report: The Disruptor's Handbook

    Digital disruption is about to tear down and rebuild every product in every industry. Thanks to digital platforms, your customers live in a world of heightened expectations and abundant options;...

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    Report: The Future Of Apple Inc.

    Consumer product strategists frequently ask Forrester how Apple's product strategy will evolve: What will Apple's product portfolio look like five years from now, and how is Apple preparing for ...

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    Report: The End Of The Music Industry As We Know It

    The close of 2007 marked the end of a decade of decline for the music industry. Digital audio — first illegal and now legal — has permanently changed how people find, buy, and listen...

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    Report: What It Really Means To Watch TV Online

    The days of thinking of online video as mostly a YouTube phenomenon are officially over. Instead, the Internet-connected PC has become another TV set in people's lives, one that fulfills all the...

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