James Staten

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Infrastructure & Operations PROFESSIONALS

James provides insights into and best-practice use of cloud computing and next-generation, collaborative business intelligence: adaptive intelligence. As the content lead for Forrester's cloud computing playbook, he advises IT leaders on public cloud platforms, CIO-level cloud investment strategies, cloud economics, hybrid cloud and cloud outsourcing (strategic rightsourcing), IT cloud readiness, and business and developer engagement on cloud.

James has been named a top cloud computing analyst each of the last five years by leading industry associations including Web Hosting Industry Review (2009), Apollo Research (2010 to 2011) and Wired (2012). He is also the 2011 recipient of the Forrester Bill Bluestein Award, given to the analyst whose body of work continually inspires our clients and guides their decisions to be great.

Previous Work Experience

James has more than 25 years' experience in the industry, having served as a chief marketing officer, vendor strategist, product marketing manager, reseller, journalist, and analyst for companies including Autodesk, Azul Systems, Gartner, Rockwell International, and Sun Microsystems.

He is a frequent speaker at industry, corporate, educational, and Wall Street events and has guest lectured at leading business schools.


Working out of Silicon Valley, James holds a master's from the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Southern California and a bachelor's degree from the University of North Texas.

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    Report:Quick Take: HP Acquires Eucalyptus Systems

    HP Gains Some Solid Talent, But The Technology Story Is Puzzling

    On September 11, 2014, HP announced that it will be acquiring Eucalyptus Systems, an open source cloud platform founded in 2009. This is an unexpected move for HP. Since 2010, HP has been committed...

    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Understand The Cloud Service Provider Market Landscape

      Landscape: The Cloud Computing Playbook

      With cloud computing services now formal members of the technology management portfolio, the challenge shifts from understanding cloud to selecting the right partners. Most hosting companies, managed...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:What The Evolution Of Cloud Storage Means For I&O

      Over the last few years, the capabilities and reach of cloud storage services have evolved rapidly, with many organizations expressing interest in storage-as-a-service. With or without the support of...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Five Data Center And IT Infrastructure Lessons From The Cloud Giants

      Processes: The IT Infrastructure Playbook

      Amazon. Salesforce.com. Microsoft. Rackspace. The economics and efficiencies of the world's largest cloud and hosting service providers are an aspiration for some in enterprise IT — but a...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Market Overview: Public IaaS Clouds, Q4 2011, Part 3

      Cloud Platforms: Foundational Systems Could Strengthen Your Preferred Service Providers

      A growing number of public infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) clouds are coming to market that share the same underlying capabilities, technologies, and interfaces. Rather than build their clouds...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:The State Of Infrastructure-As-A-Service Cloud Standards

      Cloud adoption, particularly of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), is still in the early-adopter phase, and as a result there are no set industry standards. For IT infrastructure and operations...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:TechRadar™ For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals: Cloud Computing, Q4 2011

      Maturity, Acquisitions, And Enterprise Experience Drive Cloud Use Forward

      With interest in and priority for investment in cloud rising, concern and challenges remain regarding what is (and isn't) a cloud computing service and which options are safe, mature choices. To help...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Market Overview: Public IaaS Clouds, Q4 2011, Part 2

      AWS Leads A Rapidly Growing Field

      For many I&O professionals, developing a cloud strategy is a top priority for 2011 and 2012. After strategically selecting certain workloads fit for public IaaS, it's now time for selecting your...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Market Overview: Public IaaS Clouds, Q4 2011, Part 1

      How To Sift Through The Cloud Washing And Uncover True Value

      While cloud computing is still in the early adopter phase, you're under executive pressure to develop a cloud strategy. And it's up to you to sort through the cloud washing and not only understand...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Q&A: How To Get Private Cloud Right

      From Scoping To Sizing To Incenting Use: Unconventional Thinking Is Required

      Recent Forrester inquiries from enterprise infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals show that there's still significant confusion between infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) private clouds...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Market Overview: Private Cloud Solutions, Q2 2011

      Five Solution Types To Choose From For Advancing Virtualization Maturity

      Over the past year, client inquiry questions have evolved from "What is cloud?" to "What vendors should I consider?" This market overview examines the landscape of vendors providing solutions...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:2011 Top 10 IaaS Cloud Predictions For I&O Leaders

      Empowered Users, HPC, And Business Intelligence Will Drive Adoption

      IaaS is undoubtedly one of your top priorities, but will you craft a plan for success? Many enterprises are headed toward a number of cloud pitfalls, such as misunderstanding the makeup, benefits,...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Justifying Your Cloud Investment: High-Performance Computing (HPC)

      Cloud Economics Makes HPC Projects More Attainable For The Masses

      It's one thing to say infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals need to invest in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud computing for their high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. It's...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Companies Building Private Clouds Focus On Infrastructure But Not Operations

      Examining Peers' Investments In Private Cloud Reveals Uneven Spend

      Almost one-quarter of the infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals polled in our Forrsights Hardware Survey, Q3 2010 said that building a private cloud is a high or critical priority for...

      • Downloads: 1368
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Justifying Your Cloud Investment: Web Sites

      Web Sites Are Great First Candidates For Cloud Deployment

      It's one thing to say infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals need to invest in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud computing; it's quite another to justify the financial and resource...

      • Downloads: 897
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:The Forrester Wave™: IT Consolidation Consultancies, Q4 2010

      Accenture And HP Lead A Strong Field Of Worldwide Providers

      In Forrester's 40-criteria evaluation of IT consolidation consultancies, we found that Accenture and HP led the pack due to their breadth of capabilities and superior ability in business...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Justifying Your Cloud Investment: Test And Development

      Improve Time-To-Market And Lighten Lab Management Burdens

      It's one thing to say infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals need to invest in infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud computing; it's quite another to justify the financial and resource...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:You're Not Ready For Internal Cloud

      But You Can Be: Here's How

      Cloud computing — a standardized, self-service, pay-per-use deployment model — provides companies with rapid access to powerful and more flexible IT capabilities and at price points...

      • Downloads: 1733
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Case Study: Amylin's Strategic Rightsourcing Strategy

      Amylin Shaves 15% Off Its IT Budget By Incorporating Cloud Services

      To keep pace with a changing business model and rapidly changing technology demands, Amylin Pharmaceuticals had to dramatically change the way it delivered IT infrastructure services. This required...

      • Downloads: 435
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Using Cloud Computing To Quickly Diagnose Cancer: A Pathwork Diagnostics Case Study

      High-Performance Computing Enables Pathwork To Analyze Cells Quickly

      Pathwork Diagnostics is in the business of diagnosing tumors — bringing a whole new meaning to "business critical". The right treatment is dependent upon the origin of the tumor, which cannot...

      • Downloads: 395
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Are Converged Infrastructures Good For IT?

      New Unified Solutions Strive To Accelerate Virtualization Maturity

      IT pros have most of the basic ingredients to cook up their own cloud-like infrastructure — but there's no recipe, and many ingredients just don't combine well. Complicating the story are the...

      • Downloads: 1287
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS) Clouds Are Local And So Are Their Implications

      Know Where Your Cloud Is Before Deploying

      Many leading infrastructure and operations professionals looking for more innovative ways to reduce costs and increase operational flexibility are choosing public IaaS cloud computing solutions....

      • Downloads: 1848
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Amazon Brings Pork Belly Economics To Its Cloud

      How To Leverage EC2's Spot Instances, And Why You Should

      Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced an intriguing new innovation to the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) cloud computing market this month — Spot Instances — virtual machines available...

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    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Driving Multitenancy In Your Virtual Environments

      How To Get Business Units To Share Your Consolidated Infrastructure

      As you continue to consolidate your server infrastructure and make it more cloudlike, a key hurdle you and most enterprises must overcome is the sharing of physical infrastructure between business...

      • Downloads: 524
    • For Infrastructure & Operations Professionals

      Report:Charging Back For Your Virtual Infrastructure

      How To Allocate Costs For Virtual Machines And Drive Greater Adoption

      As you continue to consolidate your server infrastructure and make it more cloudlike, a key hurdle that you must overcome is cost allocation for the virtual infrastructure. While most enterprises are...

      • Downloads: 1130