Julie A. Ask

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy PROFESSIONALS

Julie serves eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. Julie's 25 years of work experience is balanced between the engineering and management consulting work she did in the first half of her career and her work as an analyst for the past 12 years. The combination of technical and business expertise positions prepared her well to work with business leaders to identify new opportunities offered by mobile technology and to develop strategies to engage with consumers on mobile devices. She has worked with hundreds of clients across retail, travel, banking, insurance, CPG, healthcare, retail, and more to advise and guide the development of their mobile strategies.

Julie's research and analysis have been widely cited in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, BusinessWeek, RCR Wireless, and The Onion and on CBS, NBC, and PBS.

Previous Work Experience

Prior to becoming an analyst, Julie worked at a contextual services mobile startup in San Francisco and prior to that at Booz Allen & Hamilton.


Julie holds a B.S.E.E. and a Master of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She also holds an M.B.A. from the University of Michigan.

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    Blog:Walmart Takes Contextual, Pragmatic Approach To Mobile

    Walmart's Global Head of Mobile, Gibu Thomas, just got off stage here at CTIA in Las Vegas. He offered an overview of Walmart's approach to mobile which, based on our research, is dead on....

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      Blog:Mobile Web: Long Tail Versus Short Tail Debate

      Last year, every consumer brand seemed to be building an iPhone application. Towards the end of 2009, they began to say, 'We have an iPhone application. Now what?" For many, the answer seems to...

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        Blog:mHealth & Wellness: The Heart Of Mobile Innovation

        I had the opportunity to talk to nearly 50 companies working on mHealth and mWellness services and technologies in 2013. With the perspective of 13 years as a mobile analyst behind me and a career in...

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          Blog:In Canada, Mobile Initiatives Show A Positive Impact On ROI

          Last week, we had the opportunity to have a conversation with one of the world’s, and certainly Canada’s, largest premier coalition loyalty programs, the AIR MILES Reward Program. It has...

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            Blog:Apple’s Healthbook: Keeping My Fingers Crossed For Something New And Magical

            A journalist called and asked me today about the market size for wearables. I replied, “That’s not the big story.”  So what is? It's data, and what you can do with...

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              Blog:How Important Is Getting Your App On Your Customer's Phone?

              I'm traveling to Atlanta next week. Today - Friday - I decided late in the day to book a hotel room finally.  I'm sitting at my desk. I'm figuring there will be some time on hold....

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                Julie is currently employed by Forrester Research where she is a Vice President and Principal Analyst. Her area of expertise lies primarily in telecommunications and consumer mobility more...

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                  Blog:Augmented Reality - Using Games As A Marketing Tool To Drive Traffic To Your Physical Locations

                  This is my last, "I saw this cool thing in mobile today" blog for the week. Check out this video.  The video is called "Field Trip" and shows off some of the features of Google's Field Trip...

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                    Blog:The Future Of Mobile Is Context

                    Delivering highly contextual mobile services is an expectation. Mobile phones are personal devices. Consumers expect personal and relevant experiences.  What is context? Forrester defines...

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                      Blog:iPad Mobile Marketing Applications ... 2008 Revisited, But Much Cooler

                      When the Apple iPhone App Store launched a couple of years ago, we saw a flurry of marketing applications released. Some were exceptional. Many were average. iPhone apps were "hot," and consumer...

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                        Blog:Join Our Global Mobile Survey And Get Free Aggregated Results

                        A year ago, Forrester fielded our Q3 2010 Global Mobile Online Survey. We interviewed more than 200 executives in charge of their companies’ mobile strategies around the globe (40% in the US,...

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                          Blog:SMS Donations

                          I've been fielding quite a few requests about why donations via text messaging have done so well and why donations to Haiti via SMS have set new all time high's. I am in Cambridge, MA this week. I...

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                            Blog:Do We Still Need SMS?

                            Apple's announcement today on the "Notification Center" triggered my comments. Other than the fact that I no longer need to tether all of my devices to a computer (finally!), I think this was my...

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                              Blog:Facebook Announces Nearby Friends Feature

                              Facebook today announced a new optional feature– the ability to see which friends, or friends within a created group, are nearby. The social network is smartly looking to better serve its...

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                                Blog:Do you have a touch-friendly web site?

                                Met with an interesting company yesterday - Taptu. They offer a mobile search service/technology. They recently launched their iPhone application. They are in the process of indexing "touch-friendly"...

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                                  Blog:United Airlines - Crawling Forward Into The Era Of Modern Mobile With A Unique Approach

                                  About four or five months ago, I was on a United flight bound to the east coast from San Francisco. For reasons I don't remember, I had booked the ticket on Orbitz (I usually book directly so my...

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                                    Blog:Mobile Enables New Businesses ... Can You Name One?

                                    I was in San Diego airport this past weekend on my way home to San Francisco. A nurse in the airport was offering vaccinations and flu shots. Not so interesting I know. What was interesting is that...

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                                      Blog:Making Money On QR Codes

                                      This is one of the more creative applications of QR codes - tattoos. $240 to date at $80/tattoo. Given how permanent the code is, I'm wondering if they shouldn't have considered MS Tags -...

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                                        Blog:2D Bar Codes Are Everywhere, But Are They Having An Impact?

                                        2D bar codes  are on buses, in newspapers and magazines, storefronts, product packaging, store shelves, bus stops, mailings from political candidates, and subways. Retail stores like Best Buy,...

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                                          Blog:Mobile Boarding Passes - Second Attempt in May 2009

                                          First, there are several people using the mobile boarding pass - all carrying around thick, smartphone-esque devices with large color screens. Walked up to the TSA agent checking ID's. She had a...

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                                            Blog:Viber Nets $900M From Japan's Rakuten

                                            Finally - some sensible entrepreneurs. I love it. Viber draws a stark comparison to the owners of SnapChat that turned down $3B not long ago ... and they had far fewer users. With $900M for 300M...

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                                              Blog:How Do I Get My Customers To Download My Mobile Application? -- ESPN Case Study

                                              I get this question a lot from clients, and I saw a good example today so . . . I thought I'd share. How should we promote our services? Should we use TV? Online? Banner ads on cell...

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                                                Blog:Two Of The Hottest Words In Mobile: eBay And 2D Bar Codes

                                                I was really lucky this morning. I've been spotting the yellow eBay buses around town (San Francisco) recently. I love it when companies like eBay promote new services like their mobile...

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                                                  Blog:Why bother with mobile if the experience is going to be so bad?

                                                  I was just looking at a receipt in an email update from B&H Photo in New York. They encouraged me to get an update of my order's status on my cell phone. So, I typed in a long order number and...

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                                                    Blog:Mobile Services - Failure To Focus On Customer Needs Will Result In a "Miss"

                                                    I saw a story this morning on Mobile Commerce Daily: "Fontainbleau targets upscale, on-the-go consumers via mobile presence." I've been a guest at the hotel for the past day so I can't...