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Lessons Learned From Early Adopters Of Managed Security Services In Asia Pacific

Rigorous Evaluation Processes And Business Alignment Are The Keys To Success

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    The anatomy of a managed security service provider (MSSP) deal is the same as any other outsourcing engagement: Selecting the right service provider and aligning it with your business objectives are the key foundations of success. Managing expectations around the services and service levels that an MSSP will deliver while keeping within budget ensures ongoing benefits. However, responding to ever-changing security threats and business priorities requires that your MSSP relationship be collaborative, flexible, and trusting. This report outlines the key lessons for organizations seeking to leverage security outsourcing services in the Asia Pacific (AP) region.
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    • Organizations In Asia Pacific Outsource Security To Focus On Business
    • Success With An MSSP In AP Requires Diligence

      The AP Outsourcing Market Warrants Prudent Consideration
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