Lutz Peichert

Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Sourcing & Vendor Management PROFESSIONALS

Lutz is a vice president, supporting S&VM Professionals. His prime areas of expertise are sourcing strategies and designing sourcing organizations as well as various vendor management activities. He focuses on the European IT services market and has delivered work to clients around benchmarking and various aspects of sourcing operations like IT service and SLA design and management. He has specific expertise in IT value management, IT portfolio management, as well as governance and general organizational issues. He is an experienced speaker about all areas of IT operations and outsourcing.

Previous Work Experience

Before joining the research team, Lutz led the European S&VM activities, including the European FLB S&VM Council; prior to that, he was responsible for Forrester's IT client group consulting business in Europe. He came to Forrester from Gartner, where he acted as a client partner for strategic accounts in Germany. Prior to this, he spent 10 years working for META Group, where he led the Central European IT ops and benchmarking consulting practice before META Group was acquired by Gartner. A 30-year veteran of the IT industry, Lutz has extensive experience in sourcing, IT operations, and benchmarking. Prior to joining META, he served as branch manager for the southern region at ComConsult Kommunikationstechnik, Germany. Additionally, he was the CEO for Multinet Technologies GmbH, a software and consulting company based in Munich, Germany. Lutz has held national and international marketing and management positions in various companies. During his 10 years of employment at Digital Equipment Germany, he worked as country marketing manager networks and communications for Germany. Prior to joining Digital Equipment in 1981, he worked for the German Navy as a system manager for IT systems. Lutz is a well-known speaker at national and international conferences, with engagements at the "IT meets Business" Forum of Germany's Computerwoche, Aprisma's European User Conference, and Marcus Evans's CIO Conference in Montreux, Switzerland.


Lutz has an advanced technical college certification and a certificate of apprenticeship in television engineering.

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