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Make The Switch To The Customer Life Cycle

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    The customer life cycle provides a better explanation of modern marketing than does the traditional marketing funnel, but most marketers have not yet moved their organizations to the customer life cycle. Problems with the traditional marketing funnel are quite visible, but the model is pervasive and entrenched, which inhibits change. To manage the necessary shift, marketers should start small and ask, "Where is the customer in our marketing effort?" From this base, they can gradually shift their entire marketing plan to the customer life-cycle model. As they progress, they must guide a process that involves mobilizing the three main marketing resources: people, tools, and agencies. To maximize momentum from the start, CMOs should begin with steps that have the highest chance of success and/or the greatest business impact on customer life-cycle marketing as part of their strategic plan. This is an update to the February 8, 2011, "Make The Switch To The Customer Life Cycle" report.
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