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Like Ponce de Leon searching for the Fountain of Youth, businesses have long searched for the value of collaboration. Skeptics say that the quest, like de Leon's, is a fool's errand. Many argue that knowledge workers are too rooted in traditional tools, like email, to ever fully exploit the spectrum of value of today's social business and collaboration tools. However, there is growing evidence that there is a road to measuring social business and collaboration success. The journey is marked by a series of small wins that, taken together, represent discrete business value. Our research points to sales, customer service, and the supply chain as initial destinations where social business and collaboration add measurable business value. Once organizations reach one or more of these initial destinations, they seek out broad adoption to build on this early success. This report outlines the business impact of social business and collaboration for the CIO.
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  • The Challenge: Collaboration Measurement Is A Difficult Journey
  • Why Make The Trip Now?
  • We're Tipping Toward The Social Enterprise
  • Success Lives At The Intersection Of Business Value And Viability
  • Pioneers Are Leading The Way To Measuring Impact
  • Focus On Streamlining Fundamental Communications Inefficiencies

    Make The Effort To Define Social Business Value Once
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