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Mobile Technographics®: Australian Online Shoppers

Choosing The Right Approach For Your Target Consumers

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Mobile commerce is growing in Australia at a rapid pace. To shape sensible strategies, Australian eBusiness professionals must understand the behavior of their customers. For example, they should know that while 31% of Australian online adults are Entertainers — meaning they buy content, apps or personalized services for entertainment on their mobile phones at least weekly — the prevalence of Entertainers is much higher among certain types of online shoppers. Australian online retailers should base their mobile commerce strategies on their own circumstances, starting with a detailed assessment of their customers and their unique mobile behaviors. With such a strategy in place, they should innovate in a way that allows them to learn rapidly and build on their experiences, failing quickly if necessary. This will prepare them for a not-so-distant future in which smartphones are more powerful than ever before and even more common in Australia than they are today.
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